Stella McCartney

Sound Zero Stella McCartney Store Old Bond Street London

We recently partnered with @stellamccartney to outfit their stores with acoustic absorbers. This installation had to not only function in the reduction of reflected sound within the store it also had to compliment the crisp and precise tailoring of the garments on display.

Our in house manufacturing ensures we maintain a high standard throughout our range of products meaning there is no deviation of colour or distortion to our profile definition.

Stella McCartney Flagship store

Eye catching design.

Add texture and definition to any conventional space with our ridged profile.

Our crisp and concise lines make a bold statement in any room, they transform the traditional vessel we are used to occupying into a unique talking point that clients will love

Stella McCartney Flagship store


Perfect for hallways and areas of high traffic where noise is an issue.

No more disturbed meetings as colleagues move about the office thanks to a thin layer of our Sound Zero pyramid profile applied directly to the walls.

Sound zero specialise in acoustic solutions for the professional environment.

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