Moss Wall

Bring the outside in with our unique Moss Wall panel. Moss walls are long lasting, completely maintenance free and act as a natural sound absorber, ideal for any busy interior, particularly in open-plan areas such as offices, schools, and retail environments.

With this easy-care solution, you can create an outstanding visual impact, combatting those noise concerns caused by bad acoustics.

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Moss walls are natural, green walls made from real, stabilised Icelandic (reindeer) moss which is mounted onto easy to install panels.

Whilst acoustic moss walls effectively absorb sound from a range of frequencies, they require little-to-no maintenance, making them the ideal solution for improving speech intelligibility and delivering an impactful aesthetic.

It’s commonly believed that we, as humans, have an innate connection to nature. This is defined by the term, ‘biophilia’ (meaning love of nature), and the moss wall is the ideal solution in realising this innate appreciation.

The versatility of the moss wall means that they are ideal for a range of applications, from schools and offices, to shops and restaurants. They’re visually appealing, sound-absorbent and house a range of health benefits, as they are said to cleanse the air, reduce noise pollution and add to a natural environment.

Moss Wall features

  • 100% natural moss
  • Maintenance free
  • No light, irrigation or fertilisation necessary
  • Easy assembly of the moss panels
  • 90% sound absorbing
  • Natural measurement indicator for indoor air humidity
  • Standard sizes and tailor-made solutions
  • Moss frames and mounting strips on request

Flammability class: B2 as standard (B1 certified panels on request)
Supplied dimensions: Always tailored, special sizes on request
Thickness: 40mm to 50mm based on natural moss height
Material: 100% natural moss (varying types)
Single unit weight: approx. 10 – 12 kg per m 2 (moss including MDF core board)
Density: 25kg / m³
Standard colours: moss green, apple green, forest green and then 11 other special colours upon request
Coverage: Any size, typically 1000mm x 600mm as a minimum

Self-assembly is possible with the help of our fastening strips and frame systems. The plate elements can also be screwed directly to the wall on existing structures or plates.

We can coat in nearly every colour

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