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Design was at the heart of Sound Zero’s most recent project for Universal Music Group, which saw us transform the acoustics of a large hallway within the building’s main headquarters.

About UMG

Universal Music Group (UMG) is one of the world’s leading music companies, who are committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As UMG’s main headquarters, the building plays host to some of the most iconic and influential labels and brands in music.

As you can imagine, good acoustics is a key priority in a building of this nature, considering that it is used for a manner of music-related activities, from listening rooms to music-artist relations.

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Staffroom Noise

Sound Zero was tasked with treating an expansive wall, approximately 16 meters wide by 3 meters high. The wall was the main focal point from a set of double doors, seen through the bolt hole from the corridor, leading from the lifts.

Leading off the large hallway was an open-plan staffroom, which was the cause of low-level distractions throughout the day. Colleague conversation and clattering crockery were just some of the noises that could be heard along the expansive corridor.

Due to the wall being a main focal point, Sound Zero had the opportunity to deliver something with visual impact, which tied in perfectly with UMC’s requirements.

UMC’s Requirements

It was clear from the beginning that UMC wanted a design-led approach, focussing mainly on the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Throughout the building, we were met with impactful graffiti, wall art and murals, which gave us a good indication of how UMC positions themselves as a brand. Whilst this art was visually attractive, however, it did little to address the building’s acoustics.

In specifying Sound Zero, UMC wanted to continue with their strong visual image whilst delivering an acoustically comfortable environment.

Initially, UMC provided us with pictures based on what they wanted to achieve. These involved images of anechoic chambers, egg profile and ridge foam, similar to traditional recording spaces that are common across the industry.

Sound Zero took all points on board and came up with a solution that incorporated their ideas, whilst delivering something unique and innovative.

The Final Design

Sound Zero, along with the client, decided that a ‘transitional piece’ would be the most creative, impactful option. Transitional pieces are becoming a predominant product, with more and more clients opting for the wall art.

We’ve found that the colour options allow companies to truly showcase their brand imaging.

The transitional piece incorporated our anechoic wedges, painting each face of the wedge in two-different colours.

This resulted in an eye-catching design that made a real statement. As you walked through the main doors, your focus was drawn to the right along the whole length of the wall where a colour transition took place from one panel to the next.

Transition Wall | Blocking Sound | Sound Zero

Colour Choice

Sound Zero offers an almost infinite colour and pattern option, which was particularly important during this project as the client wanted an exact RAL colour match with their brand colours. As we’re sure you’ll agree, the results speak for themselves.

A Lasting Impact

The final results were visually striking, adding to Sound Zero’s expansive catalogue of innovative acoustic solutions.

UMC paired Sound Zero’s acoustic art with soft lighting, which complimented the colours even further, adding to that ‘wow’ factor.

The client also benefitted from substantially less echo and fewer distractions from the adjoining rooms, improving overall acoustic comfort.

Sound Zero’s work with UMC demonstrated that good acoustics and outstanding visual impact can be combined to create a unique and compelling solution.

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