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Acoustics in harmony with design.

SOUND ZERO is the UK’s leading design & build company that puts acoustics first, creating exceptional sounding spaces.

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A better place to work.
How does that sound?

We create spaces that empower people to excel.
At Sound Zero, we believe a workplace environment should be thoughtfully designed, inspiring, and inclusive. That is why leading brands trust us to cut through the noise.

We’re experts in crafting spaces that ensure privacy, bolster collaboration, and enhance communication. Trust us to transform your space into an acoustically balanced, inclusive work environment where your team can thrive.

The Sound Zero way

Sound Zero is a commercial acoustic solutions provider based in London, specialising in office soundproofing, studio design, and acoustic consultation. We are known for our people-centred approach to design and for delivering unique and inspiring offices and workspaces tailored to what makes your business thrive.

We design with people in mind.

At Sound Zero, we are passionate about designing workspaces for the people who inhabit them. Our team are a talented and dedicated group of designers, consultants, and project managers who all work together to unlock a workplace’s full potential.

Every project begins by exploring the client’s business, its brand, and its people. We believe the end result should be a space that engages and inspires people to be more productive, more creative, and happier.