About us

Our purpose is to craft spaces that both look and sound great.

We care about your listening environment

In a world of constantly evolving environmental standards, an often-overlooked area of design is in acoustics. The demand for acoustically effective rooms and buildings has never been higher.

Sound Zero offers a comprehensive range of soundproofing and acoustic solutions for offices, music studios, residential and commercial buildings, industrial premises, public spaces and many other specialist areas, providing complete noise control solutions for any environment.

Some noise issues are different to others and the solution depends very much on the situation. Noise is rooted in different sources and can be identified primarily as high frequency, low frequency and impact. It is important to identify the noise types you are dealing with in order to select both the correct acoustic solution and the correct method of installation.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to acoustic control

Sound Zero can help you identify the problem areas and offer a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions for noise reduction, soundproofing, and sound treatment.

Our team have years of experience and can help you find the best solution to fit your needs, meeting and exceeding the demands within the Architectural, Interior Design, Hospitality, Office, Health and Education sectors.

Forward thinking

We are a team of talented and innovative creators who make bright, interesting and idea-inspiring acoustic systems to suit the individual design requirements of any space without compromise. By investing in class-leading technology, partnering with brands we’re passionate about and nurturing talented designers, we will continue to evolve and deliver spaces that both function and amaze.

Our values

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to enhance any environment through the power of acoustics. As a team we are greater than the sum of our parts. We champion knowledge and share in techniques to benefit the spaces we craft. We believe in going the extra mile to deliver exceptional quality.

Client focused

We have a transparent way of working with our clients. We want to know the people we do business with and build long lasting, trustful relationships. We’re a committed team and delivering visually stunning projects on time and on budget is paramount to us.

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