Why your office needs a podcast booth

More and more companies are turning to podcasts as a way of promoting their brand and delivering their message. As a result, a podcast booth is fast becoming an office essential! It’s no surprise considering podcasts are growing in popularity amongst 15-34-year-olds, according to Ofcom’s 2018 report. Today, we’ll be turning our office acoustics attention to podcast studios.

Podcast booth microphone
Podcast booths in an office are a great way to deliver vital information to the workforce

With web and app-based platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and BBC iPlayer growing at a rapid rate, finding a place to host your podcasts has never been easier. Your target audience already flocks to these destinations and now the user clicks on what they want to hear. Targeted advertising is becoming a little old hat! 

Podcasts are even starting to become a new and revitalising fixture within office environments, too. This medium completely changes the way information is distributed to the workforce, delivering it in a fun, engaging way, and a familiar voice.

People need to know about podcasts

Many companies are turning to the podcast format for weekly staff updates. We live in a time where capturing and sending out real-time information has never been easier, and podcasts are the ideal way to spread the word and keep your workforce engaged and informed. 

Team members have also shown significantly more engagement with podcast-style newsletters when compared to their email counterparts. Humans want to respond and interact when they hear a colleague’s voice. 

Let the people make the podcast content

As many functioning offices know, keeping the workforce positively engaged has long been an issue. Vital information is often lost amongst miscellaneous reply-alls, or the dozen or so out-of-office auto-replies clogging up the thread.

Eventually the bare bones make it past all of the relevant departments and their comments are built up to the point nobody remembers when and where the important meeting is being held and thus the problem begins…

Podcasts are usually created by the staff, at all levels. This means a friendly colleague is keeping the workforce actively engaged in current affairs, not “the people upstairs”. Be it sales figures and projections, team meeting times and dates, creatives discussing their upcoming brief, and all of the other vital grease that keeps the gears of a successful business turning.

Where do I sign up to a in-house podcast studio?

The surge in podcast popularity has given rise to a plethora of podcast studios all over the UK, which are available for rental purposes. 

These studios are typically part of broadcast/voiceover studios and as such are kitted out with the latest production software, and many are available for 24-hour use. 

However, whilst hiring packages can be a cost-effective solution in the short term, those rental fees can very quickly add up, particularly if podcasts make up for a large part of your weekly content strategy.

The solution to podcast rental fees

Did you know that a podcast booth can be an easily achievable investment within your office? 

All you need is a bit of space, some creative vision, and the right guidance when it comes to acoustically treating the podcast booth. Pair this with some simple recording equipment, and you can create a podcast from the comfort of your own office. 

No more travel and rental fees, faster production time and a more consistent content strategy. 

Podcast booth at Facebook, London
Sound-Zero designed and installed a Podcast booth at Facebook, London that featured a dynamic, on-brand acoustic feature wall

Blending office acoustics with recording spaces

You might have guessed, but we love developing podcast studios in offices. As experienced acousticians, we have built a variety of recording studios, and we’ve kitted out a range of office spaces. Soundproofing a podcast booth in this way appeals to our expertise and skills. 

The rise in office innovation

We’ve commented before on how office design dynamics are continually evolving, and we’re finding that many open-plan offices are developing cutting-edge, workable spaces within the open-plan environment. 

Central to the vision of creating a comfortable workspace, more and more architects are paying close attention to noise levels and their relation to comfort as a way of promoting productivity and boosting creativity.  

We’ve developed breakout zones, ‘creative pods’ and meeting spaces, all geared towards creating visual impact and acoustic well-being. Along with this, podcast booths are becoming a popular facet of office culture. 

The Sound Zero process

We apply the same process to all of our projects, tailoring each proposal to your individual requirements. Our four-step process includes a Consultation, Modelling process, Manufacturing and Installation. If you’d like to see a detailed summary of our unique acoustic process, click here

Branded acoustic treatment for podcast booth at Facebook, London
Podcast booths don’t have to be dark and dull spaces – colour matched on-brand acoustic panels can brighten any space.


A positive office environment is key to success in any workplace, and we firmly believe that acoustic comfort paired with strong visual design is a driving factor in the well-being of your employees.

We’re also strong advocates of innovation and recognise that offices are constantly evolving. 

Talk to one of our experts about how we can improve your office environment today.  

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