Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Corporate Podcast Studio

Why You Shouldn't Outsource Your Corporate Podcast Studio

Podcasts are quickly becoming a staple of many businesses’ marketing strategies, with CMO’s leveraging them to promote brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

Recent reports even show that 38% of podcast listeners report purchasing products or services that are promoted through podcasts. When you also consider that 62% of the population has listened to podcasts, it’s hard to ignore the potential for business growth.

To truly capitalise on the podcasting opportunity, you might consider investing in a professional podcast studio for your business. Some CMO’s, however, are looking into outsourcing their corporate podcast studio and hiring a space for their recordings.

Unfortunately, these companies can easily fall prey to high hidden costs, lack of accessibility, an inferior product, and ultimately low ROI. So why shouldn’t you outsource your corporate podcast studio?

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The Cost Of Outsourcing Your Corporate Podcast Studio Hire

If you’re a CMO or Head of Marketing, you’re likely all too familiar with the challenge of chasing marketing budget. Return on investment is everything and proving that your marketing strategies are a worthwhile investment means demonstrating the potential ROI clearly, whilst keeping costs low.

If you’re looking to outsource your podcast studio space for a professional podcast, it’s likely that you’ll be recording a notable number of episodes. This might be fine if you’re just trialling a new podcast, but in the long term, the costs of hiring a podcast recording space can far outweigh the cost of designing your own in-house space.

Investing in your own corporate podcast studio, not only allows for bespoke set-ups, and more professional recordings, but also circumvents the ongoing costs of hiring a space. For a medium where growing an audience organically over a long period of time is key, it makes sense to invest for the long term.

Most podcast spaces for hire will charge an hourly rate for their services, a rate which will soon eat into your ROI when recording one episode can take several hours, or even days. Not only that, but you’re paying for the space even if you’re not utilising it. Unforeseen issues, travel time, or delayed guests, will all eat into the time you’ve prepaid for.


Compromising Quality By Hiring Your Podcast Studio

To be clear, outsourcing your podcast studio hire doesn’t mean you will be using poor-quality setups or technology. It will clearly be to a higher standard than a do-it-yourself podcast studio.

However, investing in a professional podcast studio build for your business will always guarantee the highest quality end product. By working with a professional podcast studio designer, your space will be engineered to deliver the perfect audio and aesthetic set-up.

Your podcast is a reflection of your company image and brand, therefore it is essential that you deliver the right message, in the right tone and at the highest quality.

The quality goes beyond just the audio, too. In 2022, the number of podcasts being turned into video formats is on the rise. For businesses in particular, this is a great way to set yourself apart from an increasingly saturated market. In this instance, it’s important that your corporate podcast studio looks the part.

Partnering with a professional podcast studio designer allows you to design and build a space that truly reflects your brand’s image. This conception-to-completion process also ensures that the whole space is engineered to meet the needs of your business, with bespoke features being factored in from the very beginning.

Designing A Podcast Studio That Works For Your Business

From the room’s environment to the equipment and tech installed, designing a bespoke professional podcast studio for your business ensures it’s tailored to you.

The freedom and accessibility to jump into a recording when it best suits your business should not be understated. Giving your colleagues creative freedom to work without the time pressure of a hired podcast studio will also bring out the best in them, resulting in a better end product.

Even the highest-quality podcast studio for hire will have limited functionality and options for you during your recordings. Being at the mercy of someone else’s equipment can lead to delays or compromising on quality down the line, issues that can easily be avoided by designing your bespoke podcast studio from the ground up.

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Professional Corporate Podcast Studio Design Consultants

Sound Zero offers a complete design and build consultancy process for podcast and music production studios. From conception to completion, you are supported by your Sound Zero technical consultant to bring your creative vision to life through a 5-step process including consultation, site visit, 3D modelling, manufacture and installation.

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