Why Should I Use A Professional Podcast Studio Design Consultant?

Why Should I Use A Professional Podcast Studio Design Consultant

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing media forms in the world today. Since 2020, businesses have begun investing heavily in podcast creation and vodcasts (video podcasts) as part of their marketing strategies.

With predictions claiming there will be 424 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2022, it’s clear to see why some businesses are looking at designing their own professional podcast studios.

Whilst some businesses rent out podcast spaces, others are outsourcing and investing in comprehensive in-house studios to improve the quality of their recordings, in line with their brand values.

So why should your business use a professional podcast studio design consultant? And is it worth the investment?


Why Should My Business Use A Professional Podcast Studio Designer?

Partnering with a professional podcast studio design and build team is the best way to create a high-design, elegant recording space for your business’s podcasts.

Working with a dedicated technical consultant will ensure you’re assisted from the early planning stages, through to the final installation and tech setup.

Your business’ podcast studio will be a key way to build your brand’s authority. By offering more ways for your customers to interact with your business, you can easily become the go-to experts in your field.

To properly reflect your brand and business, your professional podcast space should be high-design, becoming the perfect backdrop for you, your guests and your business – this becomes even more necessary if you’re looking into turning your podcasts into a video format.

Choosing The Right Professional Podcast Studio Designer

So you’ve convinced your stakeholders and your boss that podcasting is a worthwhile investment for your business’s marketing strategy. But how do you choose the right professional podcast studio designer for your business?

Complete Design Consultancy Package

During your research process, it’s critical that you look for a professional podcast studio partner that covers both design and build, but is also familiar with noise control and the technical equipment needed for recording. By partnering with podcast studio consultants who work with you from beginning to end, you can be assured you will receive a complete fully-functioning podcast suite which has been carefully considered from day one.

From design consultancy to final installation, the right consultant will be able to take your list of requirements and engineer the right studio setup for your business.

Melamine ridged foam coated for Facebook's professional podcast studios

Audio Expertise

Look for a consultant that has a background in audio-related fields, such as music, podcasts and/or radio. This ensures they will have first-hand experience in how to deliver optimum sound and acoustics for your space.

Sound engineering is key to developing a high-quality podcast recording studio. Processes such as acoustic treatment and soundproofing are critical, allowing you to adapt any shape or sized room into a professional podcasting space.

Reliable Podcast Design Consultants

If your business is looking to house your podcast studio within the same building, it’s also important that project timelines are adhered to in order to avoid delays or disruption to your day-to-day business.

Find a consultant with proven customer success stories, which demonstrate their ability to deliver a quality product with quick turnarounds. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways of identifying a reliable professional in any space, but especially in the world of design and build.



Modern-day businesses have a responsibility to promote and deploy more sustainable business initiatives and policies. With a rise in initiatives such as ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) changing the way investors research and invest in businesses, many are looking for ways to bring sustainability into every aspect of their business.

Partnering with a professional podcast design company, shouldn’t mean compromising on your company’s policies and green initiatives. Look for a partner that uses sustainably sourced materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

The Cost Of A Professional Podcast Studio Designer

For businesses looking to invest in podcasting as part of their 2023 marketing plans, it’s hard for them to know whether investing in a professional studio is worth the money.

Whilst it is possible to rent out a podcast recording space, this often comes at a premium and with a few other caveats which make the offering less appealing in the long run.

Often, the cost of regularly renting out a third-party space will easily outweigh the cost of investing in your own studio. After all, it takes time to build an audience so renting a space for a one off is never an option.

Housing your own professional podcast studio means you are in complete control of every step of the recording process, saving your business time, money and headaches when things like scheduling don’t go to plan.

Not only that, but designing your own professional podcast studio allows for full customisation and a room that is purpose-built for your business’s needs. You can even rent the podcast studio out to others to recoup some of your investment.

Professional podcast studio at Facebook HQ, London

Professional Podcast Studio Design Consultants

Sound Zero offers a complete design and build consultancy process for podcast and music production studios. From conception to completion, you are supported by your Sound Zero technical consultant to bring your creative vision to life through a 5-step process including consultation, site visit, 3D modelling, manufacture and installation.

If you’re looking to design and build an in-house professional podcast studio for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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