Why should schools consider acoustic treatment?

Sound Zero | Why Should Schools Consider Acoustic Treatment?

We often hear stories of schools being underfunded and the impact that it’s having on learning outcomes for pupils. One of the primary concerns that is often mentioned is the overcrowding of classrooms.

An often overlooked solution to high-traffic due to overcrowding is school acoustics. Whether you’re a Head Teacher, School Governor, or indeed an Architect involved in the re-design or refurbishment of a school, this blog sets out to explore why it’s important for schools to consider their acoustics.

A case for learning

In order for students to fully retain the information that is presented throughout their day, school acoustics must be situated to facilitate the best learning environment. Not all buildings were created with classroom acoustics in mind, so it is common for teachers and students to have difficulties hearing what one another has to say. Fortunately, acoustic panels for schools can help facilitate a better learning environment for everyone.

Common school acoustics issues

With the amount of technology abundantly available in this day and age, it can already be difficult to keep students’ attention. When you factor in prevalent school acoustics issues, it can be even harder to retain their attention and ensure students are able to fully understand the subject matter at hand.

Some common acoustic issues include overcrowded classrooms, individuals working in hallways, high levels of traffic in the building, and poor reverberation. Some of these issues can make it difficult for classroom acoustics to appropriately carry the volume level from one side of the room to the other.

On the other hand, some of these issues prevent noise from traveling throughout the building and cause higher distraction levels. Fortunately, all of these common issues can be improved with acoustic panels.

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Classroom acoustics can be improved

Acoustic panels for schools greatly enhance the audibility levels in classrooms. These panels work by absorbing sound as it approaches. They can be used both inside the classroom and along hallway walls. By using acoustic panels for schools, the learning environment is enchanted enough to facilitate better education and improved concentration.

As the sound is absorbed by the acoustic panels, it becomes easier for educators to explain the subject matter at hand and understand any questions their students’ may be asking.

In addition, it ensures classrooms that are engaged in a large discussion to not disturb neighbouring classrooms. Furthermore, as students and professors walk through the hallways and engage in conversation, they cannot disturb other classes that may be in session.


These PET Eco Tiles are great for spaces where noise transmission needs to be controlled, such as offices or classrooms.

Unique acoustic panels for schools

Acoustic panels for schools come in a number of bespoke options that fit the creative needs of the school. Regardless of whether you want bright and colourful panels to create better classroom acoustics or need patterns, it is easy to create the exact panels you need.

Our team is available to discuss your school acoustics needs to ensure you select the right product from our line. We have a range of products that include moss wallscork panelsinsulation foamacoustic foam, and wall panel pro. All of these acoustic panel options can be completely customised to your colour, size, fabric, and other product requests.

Whether you need maximum noise reduction or slight adjustments to your classroom acoustics, we can help. We have helped countless schools and organisations improve their school acoustics over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to go over our unique acoustic panels for schools that can help your students achieve better concentration.

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