Where could you use acoustic moss wall panels?

Moss wall feature wall

Moss wall panels are the ideal soundproofing solution for a range of environments, including schools, offices, restaurants and bars. These environments typically require an element of acoustic treatment, whilst delivering a strong visual aesthetic.

What are acoustic moss wall panels?

An acoustic moss wall is a large panel that is covered in specially treated moss.

Moss walls serve a multitude of purposes and have a range of benefits.

  • Firstly, they incorporate strong biophilic principles; an increasingly popular design approach-used by architects-that seeks to connect the end user more closely to nature.
  • Secondly, moss is a great natural sound absorber, making it the ideal solution for use in high-traffic areas that are prone to disruptive noise.
  • Thirdly, they’re virtually maintenance free, meaning that they will sit perfectly on your wall without the need to be watered or exposed to sunlight.
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Using moss wall panels

Moss walls are highly versatile acoustic panels, which means that they can be used in a range of locations.

Moss-Wall-Office-Environment | Where can you use moss walls?

Moss wall panels for schools

A School is the perfect environment to play host to a moss wall. The acoustic panel’s strong visual impact means that they could be used for both artistic and scientific observation.

Additionally, in high traffic areas such as corridors and meeting rooms, they can be strategically placed on a wall’s reflection points to deaden sound, aiding a much calmer environment.

For children with special educational needs, a calm and quiet environment is crucial to their wellbeing, particularly if they’re hypersensitive to loud noises.

Moss wall panels for restaurants & bars

We’ve commented on the impact that a noisy restaurant can have on a customer’s overall dining experience. Moss wall panels can be used to localise sound sources, meaning your conversations can be heard and the clatter of cutlery will be reduced.

Many bars and restaurants incorporate the use of greenery to aid a relaxed atmosphere. With moss walls, you’re not only adding to the ambiance but also the acoustic comfort of your customers.

Moss wall panels for offices

As more and more offices turn to an open-plan design layout, there’s a need for architects and designers to address the acoustic properties in these large spaces.

Moss wall panels can be used to absorb the noise in your open-plan offices that are being reflected off hard surfaces such as tables, windows, floors and ceilings, leading to greater workplace productivity, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

The soothing aesthetic of the moss wall will also bring about an element of calmness to the stresses that often occur in the workplace, aiding your wellbeing.

Do moss walls stop noise transmission?

To stop noise travelling from one room to the next, you’d have to apply a large moss wall panel over the entire internal wall, which is perfectly achievable.

However, for noise transmission reduction, we’d normally recommend a mass-loaded, dense acoustic panel such as our Class ‘0’ fire-rated acoustic tiles. As they’re easy to install and highly effective at blocking sound, you should opt for this solution instead.

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Do moss walls provide reverb control?

Yes. For high-traffic, large, open spaces, moss walls can be placed to absorb frequencies from various reflection points in a room in the same way that our artistic Wall Panel Pros do, making them the ideal solution for sound absorption.

Moss-wall-segments | Where can you use moss walls?


Moss walls can positively affect the mood and atmosphere of whatever environment they are placed in.

Hosting a multitude of benefits-from both a visual and acoustic perspective-these increasingly popular panels will improve your work or leisure space.

For more information on our moss panel range, get in touch with an expert today.

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