What are acoustic moss wall panels? Some FAQs


An acoustic moss wall is a large panel that is covered in specially treated moss. Whilst moss walls effectively absorb sound from a range of frequencies, they require little-to-no maintenance, making them the ideal solution for improving speech intelligibility and delivering an impactful aesthetic.

It’s commonly believed that we, as humans, have an innate connection to nature. This is defined by the term, ‘biophilia’ (meaning love of nature).

Incorporating biophilic principles in design is a growing trend amongst architects, who are choosing to specify natural materials and advocate the use of greenery within their projects. Adding a moss wall panel into an office or education environment is a real statement that brings a sense of nature to the space.

In our blog, Cost Effective Ways to Improve Office Acoustics, we highlighted the use of plants as they’re a great natural sound absorber. The moss wall goes one step further, transforming your wall into a naturally sound absorbent surface, improving wellbeing, no matter what environment it’s situated in.

This blog aims to cover common FAQs that we receive in regard to our moss wall.

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What is a living wall?

A living wall is a stack of planters that house real plants. They can be fixed to an interior or exterior wall and they have their own vertical irrigation system. Whilst effectively absorbing sound and providing a strong aesthetic, living walls can be costly to install and maintain.

That’s why we recommend an acoustic moss wall as it achieves the same level of acoustic comfort and visual appeal, whilst being much easier to maintain.

Where does our moss come from?

The moss we use in our acoustic moss wall is sustainably harvested in Iceland. Once harvested, it is then cleaned and preserved, retaining its natural characteristics and soft feel.

Are moss walls easy to clean?

What are moss walls? Moss wall in waiting area

Naturally, moss is anti-static, meaning that dust is repelled from moss walls, making it a practical alternative to a living wall.

Are moss walls non-allergenic?

Yes. As it is made without the addition of toxic hazardous chemicals, the acoustic moss wall is non-allergenic.

Will the green colours fade over time?

No. Moss colours are sealed permanently using an all-natural mineral process. This stops the moss from fading and makes it resistant to discolouration.

Does a moss wall require water?

Moss wall feature wall

No. In fact, if you water it, the moss wall will lose its hydroscopic properties.

What environments do moss walls work best in?

Moss walls are great in a range of environments, from schools, offices to shops. They’re visually appealing, sound-absorbent and house a range of health benefits.

How effective is moss at absorbing sound?

To prove its effectiveness, a study-carried out by The University of The Basque Country-tested the acoustic properties of modular green walls. To do this, they used two different reverberation chambers.

They found that, when compared to untreated walls, the green walls resulted in a ‘weighted sound reduction index’ of 15db and a weighted sound absorption coefficient of 0.40”.

This study demonstrated that the green walls showed a similar or better acoustic absorption coefficient than other common building materials.


When specifying acoustic panels for your next project, why not opt for the acoustic moss wall? Not only does it look great, but it’s easy to maintain and provides numerous health benefits.

If you’ve got any more questions or queries regarding our acoustic moss walls, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts today.

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