Sound Zero wins: A convex wellness booth for children’s hospital

Wellness pod using basotect acoustic foam

Creating a unique reflective space within Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Whenever a design team approaches us with a concept that pushes design boundaries and fosters creativity, we’re more than happy to accept the challenge.

And that’s exactly what Liverpool-based designers, WMB did when they came to us with a unique idea for a new reflective space within Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

The main principle behind the concept was to encourage the recording of feedback, host micro-meetings and provide a safe space where practitioners can reflect and unwind.

Wellness pod designed by Sound Zero using Basotect®️ acoustic foam

Sound Zero acoustic treatment & design

WMB came to us with a problem: they wanted the Vox Pod to create a ‘convex’ effect, delivering futuristic curved lines to an otherwise cylindrical-shaped pod.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts – including the use of plywood – Sound Zero put forward the idea of making the volume of the booth bigger, creating an optical illusion on the outside of the booth, whilst still maintaining the uniformed curved corners on the inside.

How did we achieve the convex effect?

Creating the convex shape was no easy feat. We had to custom CNC cut individual rows of different lengths to achieve the optical marvel you see here.

The tips of the point were painted in a bold red colour which matched the pod’s interior, but most interestingly, it helped to accentuate the desired optical effect.

Class 0, basotect-based acoustic foam was the material of choice due to its fire-rated credentials and versatility. This material can also be seen in our Kernel Brewery case study.

Technical Drawings

The technical drawings below demonstrate the process we undertook in order to create the concave effect.

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