Sound Zero at Futurebuild 2019

At this years Futurebuild London Excel event we exhibited a fully immersive acoustic chamber. 

Complete with a prestigious Focal audio sound system. 

The booth comprised of our full isolation system and showcased the power of a room that is completely separated from the hustle and bustle of a packed London event as well as highlighting the audible clarity of a sound source achieved when a space is properly treated inside.  

The outer layer of the temporary building was a wooden structure that had been fully acoustically treated with our isolation system to create an effective acoustic barrier from the outside world, stopping what happened outside getting into the booth and keeping the sounds inside the booth away from the show. 

The interior was treated to our highest standard of finish, with examples of our Anechoic chamber profiles and high end suede acoustic noise reduction walls, hand upholstered here in the UK by our highly skilled team.

The room was also treated against modal room resonance with high mass diaphragmatic absorbers to reduce standing waves.

When combined these systems achieved total audio clarity, highlighting the full potential of any sound source within the room, whether it was the sound system on display or the voices of the technicians speaking inside the booth. 

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