Rehearsal Rooms

Live performance and rehearsal spaces are being built every day and are becoming vital lifeblood to the UK creative industries’ economy.

The spaces are often converted pre-existing buildings that aren’t traditionally designed to isolate the kind of volume produced by live rehearsals, which means a product has to be retrofitted to the building in order to keep the neighbours happy.

The main problem is that all of the sound vibration caused by loud practice transfers through walls and ceilings then spreads throughout a building. This is far from ideal when each room is supposed to be an enclosed space for a performer to scrutinise their performance before taking to the stage.

At Sound Zero we have developed a wide range of retrofit noise control products that will create an effective acoustic barrier between pre-existing walls and ceilings.

An acoustically designed wall in a finish like our Sound Zero Hex panels will inspire any budding musician, meaning whatever chaos is happening inside the rehearsal rooms, the noise remains right there, inside!

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