Performance Acoustics

Acoustic Assessment & Installation

Offering integral advice in working towards designing you the ultimate acoustic solution to maximise your rooms acoustic performance.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive acoustic assessment, our technicians can assess and diagnose acoustic anomalies first hand.

On-site noise control service

Using cutting edge technology, we can identify any acoustic issues and isolate problem areas. We are then able to put forward a comprehensive proposal, detailing our recommended treatments and calculating their impact to achieve the best possible acoustic solution.

The diagnostic process includes a site visit where an acoustician measures your rooms acoustic performance using methods that comply with British Standard acoustic testing regulation, this ensures the results are accurate and reliable.

These results are then analysed so that a thorough and comprehensive solution can be compiled and presented back to you.

We combine our extensive material knowledge with the latest CAD and digital simulation technology to present the most effective noise reduction solution for your environment.


Add our Installation Service and our highly skilled installation team will ensure any treatment is carried out to exacting standards to ensure the finish looks and sounds great.


Whether it’s a home cinema, a new-build multiplex or a renovated theatre, the priority is to create an environment where the right amount of sound is absorbed.

The main aim of any cinematic production is to create an impactful, multi-sensory experience. It’s not just about the visuals; the music and voices also play a vital role.

The aim here is to ensure that enough sound is absorbed to stop disturbances from the crowd and equipment, but not enough to deaden the sound of the music or voices within the production.

Enjoy ultimate clarity with acoustic solutions for cinemas
Enjoy ultimate clarity with acoustic solutions for cinemas

Improving Sound Quality In Cinemas

Thousands of pounds could be spent on the latest, top-quality audio equipment. If the acoustics of the room is bad, however, the quality of sound will be compromised.

The experience of the cinema-goer is hugely significant here, and it’s no surprise that a bad viewing experience could harm sales over time.

By keeping the customer in mind, we have developed a range of solutions aimed and providing a positive cinematic experience.

Acoustic Solutions For Cinemas

At Sound Zero, we recommend that the three sides of the room’s surrounding walls are covered with a sound-absorbing layer. Our Class ‘0’ Insulation Foam ensures that sound does not bounce between walls, causing distractions through high reverberation.

We aim to provide a solution that absorbs the right amount of sound from all angles, reducing high reverberation and flutter echo.

In doing this, customers (and guests) will gain an acoustically comfortable experience.

Cinema Acoustics In Harmony With Design

We always aim to provide acoustic solutions in line with strong aesthetics. The cinema experience is about comfort and relaxation.

Music venues

The aim of any music venue is for the artist to demonstrate their talent in the best possible way. The audiences’ enjoyment and comfort is also a key factor in considering the acoustics of a music venue.

Music venues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small, intimate settings, to large, high-volume concerts.

With that in mind, Sound Zero understands that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to music venues. Instead, we have to tailor our services to meet your requirements.

controlling acoustics in music venues to improve sound quality
Enjoy the ‘right’ type of noise by strategically controlling the acoustics of your music venue

How Do We Control Acoustics In Music Venues?

  • We listen. Listening to the room when it’s at its quietest will allow us to identify any unwanted sound, such as traffic, air conditioners, fans, and lighting. If there are small changes that can be made, we would suggest you try that initially.
  • We pay attention. By standing on the stage, we can observe all the surfaces from which sound could reflect. We may suggest that you substitute some of your sound-reflective surfaces for softer furnishings.
  • Echoes. If a room echoes when you clap, we can locate the surface from which the sound is reflecting. We then work out if there is a way to absorb, block or reorient the sound.
  • The Type Of Venue. If your venue provides more of an acoustic vibe, a narrow room is recommended, along with a flat ceiling as it provides a large surface area for sound to reflect down to the audience.

If your venue isn’t narrow and doesn’t have a flat ceiling, our reflective screens will help to direct the sound towards the audience.

If the room is very large, and your venue provides a ‘louder’ experience, the sound might be dissipated, and sound-reflective surfaces might be too far away to help the performance to be heard.

We recommend that you consider adding more reflective surfaces closer to the listeners. For example, an acoustic canopy from the ceiling effectively reduces the height of the room and provides a surface for the sound energy to reflect down to the audience.

As you can see, there are many options to consider when acoustically treating a music venue. If you’d like to talk more about your music venues, get in touch with one of our experts today.

Rehearsal rooms

Live performance and rehearsal spaces are being built every day and are becoming vital lifeblood to the UK creative industries’ economy.

The spaces are often converted pre-existing buildings that aren’t traditionally designed to isolate the kind of volume produced by live rehearsals, which means a product has to be retrofitted to the building in order to keep the neighbours happy.

The main problem is that all of the sound vibration caused by loud practice transfers through walls and ceilings then spreads throughout a building. This is far from ideal when each room is supposed to be an enclosed space for a performer to scrutinise their performance before taking to the stage.

At Sound Zero we have developed a wide range of retrofit noise control products that will create an effective acoustic barrier between pre-existing walls and ceilings.

An acoustically designed wall in a finish like our Sound Zero Hex panels will inspire any budding musician, meaning whatever chaos is happening inside the rehearsal rooms, the noise remains right there, inside!

Sound stages

Film sets are busy, noisy and difficult things to manage, add on top of that resident complaints when filming in residential areas and films can quickly get shut down or moved on.

We supply sound-stages and acoustic barriers to the film industry. Our on-location barriers are designed to keep the noise happening on set within the confines of a controlled area, keeping residents happy and complaints to a minimum.

The barriers can be designed to client specification and transported on set as part of our easy and convenient acoustic barrier solution for small and large-scale film projects.

We supply it all, whether its green screen compatible absorbent walls or discrete acoustic panels that are hidden in plain sight on set/on screen, call us and we will deliver.

Not only that but we also offer a removal and recycling service once the barriers have served their purpose.

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