Office acoustics

Office acoustic solutions for employees health, comfort and productivity.

Sound Zero acoustic ceiling grids for UA92
Sound Zero acoustic ceiling grids for UA92

Developing brands and creating concepts

Office acoustics is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Offices are not simply a place to work. They should be a hub for talented people to collaborate and innovate. Our creative team will ensure that your office acoustics portrays your brand through design-led innovation.

We intrigue. We enrich. We innovate.

Championing collaboration

Open-plan office environments aid collaboration, but we understand that workplace noise can hinder productivity. 

Working alongside architects and design professionals, we develop spaces that not only nurture collaboration, but aid comfort for the user. Transforming businesses. Inspiring teams. 

In today’s working environment, ambient sound has become a huge topic of discussion for employers. An acoustically controlled workspace helps a workforce maintain focus whilst also enjoying the benefits of a more open plan office space.

PET hexagon boardroom
PET Eco Tiles bring a splash of colour to this boardrooms office acoustics

Bespoke concepts

At Sound Zero we like to do things a little differently. Working closely with our clients and listening to their needs, we develop bright, interesting and idea-inspiring acoustic systems that suit the individual design requirements of any office space, without compromise.

Our dedicated acousticians will firstly identify the source of the issue before recommending a solution. With a breadth of customisable options available, we can help you develop a working environment that you or your client can be proud of. 

Universal Music office acoustics by Sound Zero
Universal Music Group ‘Soundscape’ corridor was designed and installed by the Sound Zero office acoustics team at their Kings Cross HQ

Environmentally conscious 

Our working practices are led by our firm beliefs on sustainability, inspiring a circular economy. 

In partnership with our sister company, Cutfoam (and their Creative Foam Solutions), we have our own in-house recycling facility ensuring that not only does our acoustic foam offcuts get reconstituted and given a new lease of life, but other local businesses can recycle their foam too.

Bring the outside in with our mood boosting range of acoustic cork and biophilic products, all of which are made from sustainable materials that are eco-conscious and bring a sense calm to any space.

All of our PET products are made from a minimum of 60% recycled plastic water bottles. To find out more, download our handy guide.

Sound Zero Recycled PET Acoustics banner

The Sound Zero process

We understand that office acoustics can be a bit of a minefield. It’s not just a case sticking some acoustic foam on the walls! Offices should be an exciting place to be that bring out the very best in colleagues. We’re seeing a rise in break-out spaces, podcast studios, quiet pods, hot-desking and alternative spaces for workers to thrive, all of which open up a whole new world of acoustic problems and possibilities…

1. Initial consultation 

This allows us to understand the nature of your requirements. Often, we only need a quick chat (which you can book here) for us to diagnose the problems and get a feel for the company ethos and it’s way of working.

We also communicate closely with you to fully understand the nature of the environment; the traffic, the different areas, the types of issues you or your client is facing. 

Sometimes, we are specified with a drawing or floor plan at this stage. Or if we feel there is a need to do any acoustic testing then this is the time to do it to really get to the route of any noise issues.

2. Modelling rooms

The visual impact of our acoustic materials has to be seen to be believed. This phase gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into what your office will eventually look like. 

Using the latest software, we will build a 3D computer model based on your floor plans and the information gained during the consultation.

Modelling office acoustics
3D modelling is often required to help visualise the placement of acoustic products within the office environment

3. Manufacturing

We’re constantly expanding our in-house manufacturing process and use cutting edge technology to deliver sustainable and eco-friendly products. We’re proud to say we manufacture our own products right here in the UK.

4. Installation

During the installation process, a site manager will oversee the operation, ensuring that the work is carried out efficiently and to a high standard. Our team of highly skilled installers work fast and provide professional results, with minimal distruption for the perfect fit and finish.

Embracing change 

The impact of Covid-19 has meant that we’ve all had to adapt in one way or another. Acoustic screens and desk dividers ensure that social distancing measures can be implemented safely within your office environment. 

Not only does a quieter workplace promote focus, it also has significant mental health benefits for employees. Loud chaotic environments lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety and productivity falling.

Our commercial range of office acoustic products are designed to fit within conventional office spaces for ease of installation. We offer a range of branding options for companies in the form of colouring and printing onto the products.

Whether its custom acoustic pods or wall cladding, Sound Zero has the acoustic product for your office.

Privacy booths with acoustic treatment
Custom built acoustic pods are a great place for impromptu meetings or a quiet space to retreat to in order to concentrate

Creating an office oasis

Whatever your unique circumstances – Sound Zero has a variety of design-led acoustic solutions to help you work at your best.

For quick access, click the following links:

Don’t forget to download our guide to office acoustics, too. If you’re a design professional, it has all the information you need to help deliver outstanding results for your client.

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Office acoustics and social distancing

Did you know that great office acoustics can be achieved alongside social distancing?

Hanging screens and desk dividers will allow users to work safely in a distraction-free environment, which is great, considering work-place noise is one of the greatest inhibitors to productivity. 

Office acoustic refurbishments

Maybe a refresh is what a team returning to work is craving?
What’s more exciting to a workforce than a new, vibrant and brilliantly throughout space for them all to return to. Many organisations are using this time to address office acoustics more thoroughly for the changing times ahead.  inevitable – and hopefully not-too-distant – future.

In this instance, there are countless options available to help you achieve an outstanding acoustic oasis, ready to wow employees on their return to office life.

Need inspiration? We’ve handpicked three office acoustics case studies that cover a variety of unique acoustic complaints and how the team at Sound Zero overcame them.

The different types of acoustic wall panel for office spaces

The acoustic panel you choose to use in your office space will largely be down to what you need to achieve by adding panels.

For large, open plan spaces, you must first identify the reflection points in a room, an experienced acoustician can do this for you. Commonly the biggest contributors are any large, undisrupted smooth surfaces, side walls, glass partitions and communal areas tend to be the worst offenders.
This is the point on the wall surface where sound is being reflected off, causing that unwanted noise.

Once reflection points are located, strategically placing the acoustic wall panels should help to absorb that sound from bouncing and travelling around the room.

I’m assuming you’re picturing an ugly foam block attached onto the wall…

Think again.

Acoustic wall panels can become a central focus to your office, creating visual intrigue and delivering a contemporary aesthetic.

Acoustic panels meeting room

Ceiling solutions for office acoustics

One of the most effective ways to treat poor acoustics in an open-plan office is by addressing the largest surface areas within a room.

Quite often, this is the ceiling.

We recommend suspending ceiling baffles so as not to tamper with any light fixtures or other important electrical equipment.

Treating acoustics at height not only looks unique, but it also provides an effective space-saving initiative, too.

Great news if your floor space is taken up by desks, equipment and coffee machines…

When acoustic treatment is suspended it is also far more effective as it has a surface area proportional to three times its equivalent size vs when mounted on a wall. This means you gain more treatment for a smaller budget, more surface area means more sound can be absorbed.

Office acoustics for smaller spaces

Not every office space is large and open plan. Some environments consist of small rooms that are separated by thin partition walls.

In this instance, you may want to block sound from coming into the room from neighbouring areas.

Let’s say your boardroom is located next to the staffroom and the only thing that separates the rooms is a stud partition wall… not good at all.

To combat this, the most effective solution is to apply a type of treatment to the wall which improves the ‘STC’ rating of the party wall. ‘STC’ is how the construction world rates different surfaces and their abilities to stop sound from passing through, a higher number means a better performing wall.

There are a lot of articles about this online selling various products but the truth is a partition wall needs to be assessed in order to properly improve its ‘STC’ rating, no one solution fits all problems. thankfully at Sound-Zero we are very well versed in all of the varieties of treatment and offer as many treatment types to our clients as we possibly can, we assess the wall and will always propose the best solution for you. Here are some of the options available, from PET ECO Tiles to Wood Wall Panels, to name just a few.

wall panel pro 2

Whatever your office acoustic needs, Sound Zero has you covered

Blending high design and great acoustics is what we, at Sound Zero, are passionate about. Our unique solutions mean that there is no limit as to what can be achieved.

To learn more about office acoustics, read our comprehensive blog section, or to talk to an expert, fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.

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