Music Studio Design

We specialise in bespoke music studio design, as well as any critical listening environment such as mastering rooms, production and writing rooms, full size recording spaces, studio control rooms and voiceover/sync studios.

Music Studio Design service by Sound Zero
Sound Zero specialises in music studio design and will guide you through the whole process

Bespoke rooms for bespoke uses

Recording spaces can have a variety of uses, from self-recorded voice overs to recording full band and orchestras, the size and scale can vary widely. The intended use or uses can have a dramatic impact on the type of treatment, aesthetic and amount of work required to make the space suitable for the client. We at Sound Zero place a high emphasis on design-led solutions, as we believe that a working environment should be creatively stimulating.

We intrigue. We enrich. We innovate.

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View from a vocal booth into main studio. Studio design buy Sound Zero.
Every inch of a Sound Zero music studio design is meticulously thought out to ensure our clients can be at their most creative in their new space

Creating the vibe

Studios and recording spaces are usually more than a clinical space made for a specific purpose. We know that it is a space within which clients and collaborators need to feel truly comfortable in order to be able to express themselves fully. Whether that is having a jam with a drum machine or capturing a great vocal take in a dedicated vocal booth, we endeavour to create spaces that inspire, whilst being technically proficient.

Client collaboration

We endeavour to include the requests and individual tastes of our clients into our room designs. The input of our clients is one of the most important aspects of our music studio design remit. We realise that every room we do is going to be a place where creativity is fostered, ensuring that everything from ergonomics to lighting are not only to the clients’ technical specifications, but also to the clients’ tastes.

Creating bespoke working spaces is a big part of what we do, and we consider every design an individual project. From the technical aspects of room treatment, to the design of walls and panels (if they are required), everything is designed from the ground up and tailored to the individual needs of the client. 

A Sound Zero studio design will reflect the personality of the client
A music studio design should be technically proficient and tailored to the individual

Global sustainability 

We have a core beliefs in global sustainability and inspiring a circular economy. Our music studio design is no different.

Along with our sister company – one of the country’s leading foam conversion companies Cutfoam, we have an onsite recycling plant, meaning that our acoustic foam waste, as well as that of other businesses, can be reused into new products.

We also offer a range of ready-made recycled products, all of which can be incorporated into a music studio design and inspire creatives to do what they do best. Acoustic Cork, Moss Wall, Wood Wool panels, and PET products (Polyethylene Terephthalate) are all either directly recycled or made from sustainable sources. They are available in range of colours and types.

The Sound Zero process 

We appreciate that room acoustics and music studio design can be tacked in a variety of different ways, but we try to make the process as easy to understand as possible. 

1. Initial consultation

This will give us an initial overview of your ideas and requirements for your music studio design. Usually this will be a quick phone call or email conversation, just to give us a rough idea of what kind of room you are looking for and the level of sonic performance you require. 

2. Site visit

Often we are required to design studio spaces within an existing complex, or retro-fit to an outdated studio. Occasionally the space is new and we can advise on the whole build from scratch.

The Sound Zero music studio build at the very start of the project
A site visit is an essential part of the full music studio design process

Carrying out a site visit is essential as we would be looking to see what the environment is like and what the problems areas are within it. At this stage we would be looking to put together a rough floor plan of the space and any surrounding areas. We may also arrange to do some acoustic testing in your space, to make sure we can pinpoint specific issues.

3. Modelling rooms

Although the rooms we design have acoustic treatment at their core, we believe that aesthetics are an important consideration. It is at this stage we would begin the process of designing and simulating the space. Using the latest 3D rendering software, we can give you a realistic computer-generated image of what the room will look like, once installation has been completed.

Sound Zero will model the studio to ensure our clients know exactly what they are getting
Sound Zero will 3D model your new music studio design to help you visualise how your new creative space will look when complete

4. Manufacturing

We have a wide range of manufacturing techniques and facilities at our disposal, from our own knowledge and expertise utilised at our very own 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility, to using 3rd party companies we are closely aligned with here in the UK for creating custom products outside of our usual remit. We try to incorporate sustainably made products and materials in our music studio designs wherever possible to try to minimise the carbon footprint for us and our customers.

5. Installation

We have a team of installers at our disposal, able to work to the highest of standards and deliver the results expected in a professional work environment. Our team will work fast and are able to work in a variety of different environments with minimal disruption. 

Our install team creating another Sound Zero studio
Music studio design and installation requires laser accuracy
Full-studio design by Sound Zero
The final results of a full Sound Zero music studio design and build

Is your current studio not performing? We can help.

It doesn’t matter how expensive a sound system is, if the room it’s in masks the speakers’ sonic performance, then you’re not seeing their true capabilities.

We have a saying at Sound Zero:

A speaker is only as good as the room it’s in.

Reflections within a listening space cause sound to respond in a highly inconsistent manner, meaning the listener is not hearing the true audio performance that is being played back to them through the state-of-the-art sound system.

Sound Zero works to eliminate those inconsistencies and smooth out a rooms’ frequency response, giving the listener an accurate, positive mixing experience that generates reliable results time and time again.

Such spaces require meticulous design with every aspect carefully considered, from the playback system to the sound reinforcement equipment in the room and where it is all placed.

Acoustic treatment can blend in to the surroundings or be as bold as you like
Adding acoustic treatment can bring out the best in studio monitors

Our acoustics experts regularly consult with studio planners and designers all the way through the development and build stages of a project to ensure the acoustic treatment is applied correctly.

However, if your existing studio isn’t giving you the desired results, contact our team today to speak to a dedicated acoustician who specialises in delivering the results your room deserves.

However, if your existing studio isn’t giving you the desired results, contact our team today to speak to a dedicated acoustician who specialises in delivering the results your room deserves.

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