Music Studio Design

It doesn’t matter how expensive a sound system is, if the room it’s in masks the speakers’ sonic performance, then you’re not seeing their true capabilities.

We have a saying at Sound Zero:

A speaker is only as good as the room it’s in.

We specialise in the design of critical listening environments such as mastering rooms, studio control rooms and voiceover/sync studios.

Reflections within a listening space cause sound to respond in a highly inconsistent manner, meaning the listener is not hearing the true audio performance that is being played back to them through the state-of-the-art sound system.

Sound Zero works to eliminate those inconsistencies and smooth out a rooms’ frequency response, giving the listener an accurate, positive mixing experience that generates reliable results time and time again.

Such spaces require meticulous design with every aspect carefully considered, from the playback system to the sound reinforcement equipment in the room and where it is all placed.

Our acoustics experts regularly consult with studio planners and designers all the way through the development and build stages of a project to ensure the acoustic treatment is applied correctly.

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