Supporting health, healing, and well-being is fundamental in any healthcare facility. Unwanted sound and bad acoustics will harm those at most risk, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and even blood cholesterol levels.

How Do We Control Healthcare Acoustics?

Our specialist acousticians cover every aspect of healthcare, including environmental and building acoustics, room acoustics, and public areas.

We aim to control the sound transmission of sound between rooms, external sources (such as traffic), and the vibrations from equipment.

We understand the stressful circumstances that patients and family members find themselves in, which has led us to consider the acoustics in busy waiting areas, too.

Healthcare Building Acoustics Vary

Healthcare caters for a multitude of spaces, depending on the requirement of the individual setting.

These could be reception areas, hospital wards, consulting rooms, and operating theatres. Each setting requires a tailored consideration which focuses on confidentiality, safe working conditions, and infection control.

Our Class 0 products have been approved by the British Standardising Authority and have received total compliance in fire safety, mould resistance, and air erosion.

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