Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants

Hard, flat surfaces, such as tables, large plastered walls, and timber floors will contribute to a restaurant’s poor acoustics. These hard surfaces reflect sound, making it difficult to hold conversations. The result is you have to speak louder.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to have the same idea…

acoustic solutions in restaurants, pubs and bars to make your social experiences comfortable and enjoyable
Enjoy your social occasions in an acoustically treated environment

Problems With Restaurant, Bar and Pub Acoustics

A high emphasis is placed on the aesthetics of restaurants, bars, and pubs. This is essential in setting the right tone for your customers. You want them to feel calm, relaxed and ultimately, return time and time again. We understand that the décor has a big role to play in this.

When considering restaurant acoustics, you shouldn’t have to compromise on design.

How Do We Control Restaurant Acoustics?

With aesthetics being a high priority in these settings, we would initially look for ‘hidden acoustics’ which could lie under tables or behind artwork.

If more impactful measures need to be taken, we have a variety of modern, sleek and tasteful acoustic options, built to create a strong visual impact.

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