Acoustic Assessment & Installation

Offering integral advice in working towards designing you the ultimate acoustic solution to maximise your rooms acoustic performance.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive acoustic assessment, our technicians can assess and diagnose acoustic anomalies first hand.

On-site noise control service

Using cutting edge technology, we can identify any acoustic issues and isolate problem areas. We are then able to put forward a comprehensive proposal, detailing our recommended treatments and calculating their impact to achieve the best possible acoustic solution.

The diagnostic process includes a site visit where an acoustician measures your rooms acoustic performance using methods that comply with British Standard acoustic testing regulation, this ensures the results are accurate and reliable.

These results are then analysed so that a thorough and comprehensive solution can be compiled and presented back to you.

We combine our extensive material knowledge with the latest CAD and digital simulation technology to present the most effective noise reduction solution for your environment.


Add our Installation Service and our highly skilled installation team will ensure any treatment is carried out to exacting standards to ensure the finish looks and sounds great.

Speak to us about improving your acoustic environment

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