School acoustics: How to improve your SEN setting

Sound Zero | School acoustics: How to improve your SEN setting

For special educational needs settings, classroom acoustics are especially important. High-quality acoustic environments are essential for children with hearing loss, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, speech or language delays, and attention issues.

The relationship between noise and children’s attainment and wellbeing is well documented, but, even more importantly, is part of school regulation. The Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 93 provides the standard for school noise levels and what can be done through acoustic design solutions. All Headteachers, School Governers, and architects should consider how they can implement acoustic treatment into their schools.

In this blog we will discuss how school acoustics can be used in order to improve school’s SEN provision.

How school acoustics aids pupils with special educational needs (SEN)

The 2010 Equality Act places a responsibility on all schools to prepare and introduce strategies that improve their accessibility plans for now and in the future for disabled pupils and staff.

This includes improving the extent to which disabled students can participate in school and learning, especially for facilities and benefits which are already available to pupils who are not disabled. As specified in the BB93 (Building Bulletin 93), this includes provision of physical aids and acoustic improvements.

This quote from the BB93 highlights the importance of acoustic solutions for SEN provision:

“In order to fulfil their duties under the Equality Act 2010, school client bodies should anticipate the needs of deaf and other disabled children as current and potential future users of the school.  Pupils with special educational needs are generally even more sensitive to the acoustic environment than others. Consequently, required reverberation times are shorter, sound insulation between adjacent spaces is higher and indoor ambient noise levels (and the capacity for distraction) lower than in environments for other pupils.”

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As pupils with hearing impairments and special educational needs are more sensitive to noise, their need for soundproofing, reverberation control, and noise transmission reduction is something that must be considered in the design and refurbishment of schools.

At Sound Zero, we can be the acoustic consultants your school needs in order to upgrade your classroom and learning spaces with an acoustic environment that will better your children and staff’s wellbeing and concentration now, and in the future.

Conclusion: acoustic treatment improves SEN provision

Acoustic solutions solve noise issues in classrooms, sports halls, and dining rooms so that students can hear, concentrate, learn, relax and play. Pupils with special educational needs are provided with an environment that helps them in their every day through acoustic treatments that are one of the most effective ways to gain improvements in children’s learning, concentration, creativity and attainment.

Our team is available to discuss your school acoustics needs to ensure you select the right product from our line. We have a range of products that include moss wallscork panelsinsulation foamacoustic foam, and wall panel pro. All of these acoustic panel options can be completely customised to your colour, size, fabric, and other product requests.

Whether you need maximum noise reduction or slight adjustments to your classroom acoustics, we can help. We have helped countless schools and organisations improve their school acoustics over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to go over your unique acoustic treatment that can help your students achieve better through improved concentration.

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