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All over the world, Industries generate hundreds of millions of tons of waste every year. Sound Zero offers an integrated waste management process by recycling foam which helps us to optimise production flow, reduce transportation and landfilling costs, and most importantly, lower our impact on the environment.

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Whilst certain industrial waste may have hazardous and environmentally harmful properties, waste foam is valuable and exploitable, meaning that our off-cuts can be re-generated and re-used for a multitude of purposes.

This is great news for us. Promoting waste reduction is both a professional and personal passion of ours.

So, read on to find out what we do here at Sound Zero to recycle foam and reduce our waste.

Our factory has its own recycling foam facility

All our off-cuts get taken to our recycling department where they get chopped down, minced up and converted into solid blocks or reconstituted foam.

Recycling foam from our own waste offcuts, as well as other companies
Recycled foam bricks

Because our foam is Crib 5 furniture rated, our reconstituted off-cuts can be used for a range of purposes, for example filling for cushions, carpet underlay, or a unique piece of furniture.

Sound Zero’s circular economy

In recycling foam and repurposing our waste products, we’re promoting a circular economy, keeping our resources in use for as long as possible and extracting the maximum value from them.

As the raw material can be sterilised and reconstituted, there’s no need for it to ever end up in landfill. This is because foam doesn’t decompose. Made from polymer, its long strands of particles make it extremely difficult for organic organisms to break it down.

Due to the foam’s durability, we make it a priority to recycle it. Can you imagine how much space it would take up in landfill?!

We help other companies with recycling foam, too

As one of the only foam manufacturers to have an in-house recycling facility, Sound Zero and our sister brand, Cutfoam, welcome other local foam converters to distribute their waste, which allows us to recycle their foam products, too.

Foam scrap waste
Sound Zero takes the foam waste from other local foam converters and recycles it in-house

It’s great to know that we’re taking a wider stance on recycling, looking beyond our in-house production of waste.

How does the recycled foam get used?

Due to its versatile properties, our reconstituted foam is supplied to a range of organisations for different purposes.

One company that we supply to uses it as a filling for scatter cushions.

Other companies use our reconstituted foam for furniture; to provide a soft layer for wooden-framed products such as a sofa.

Sound Zero’s high-profile clients

Central to the store’s ethos, Stella McCartney aims to responsibly source its products where appropriate, which allows partner brand Block London to regularly update their furniture with our reconstituted foam.

Recycled foam bench
Acoustic foam furniture in Stella McCartney’s flagship store made from recycled waste foam

Aside from the recycling element, the soft texture of our reconstituted foam appeals to the store’s customers, hence its popularity.


The movement of our society towards a circular, sharing and functional economy makes recycling a key issue that we’re keen to promote.

Our recycling services and expertise means that waste is dealt with in a responsible and resourceful way.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work to create a greener, more sustainable society, talk to one of our experts today.

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