Sound Zero Class O Foam

Sound Zero Class O foam (sometimes called Class ‘0’) is the best acoustic foam product on the market today for both soundproofing, sound absorption and fire-rating compliance. Used as an acoustic sound absorber, this high mass acoustic panel offers unparalleled sound absorption across the full frequency spectrum, especially in the troublesome low frequencies range.

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Sound Zero Class O is a modified, flexible open-celled polyurethane foam that is treated after it has been cut into sheet form to add extra density (mass), as well as a fire-retardant additive to make it construction ready, achieving the highest fire-rating possible.

No other acoustic product on the market matches up to the same level of absorption whilst achieving the highest possible fire resistance ratings for a flexible acoustic foam. It is a chemically inert product that will not crumble even when subjected to high-velocity airflow, making it the ideal choice for HVAC soundproofing.

With its open celled structure and high-density level, Class O foam makes for the ideal use in the application of soundproofing rooms. This is a highly fire resistant and flexible type of foam, which is completely safe to handle, can be easily cut on site without causing airborne debris and the need for a face mask, eliminating any potential health concerns one may have regarding a link to fibrous materials.

Being semi-rigid, it is far easier and quicker to install than the more common, fibrous wool insulation, and without the need for timber battens, saves on labour costs.

For those wishing to equip their office meeting rooms or their recording studio with soundproofing, highly fire-retardant foam, Sound Zero Class O is the only choice.

Sound Zero Class O Foam features

  • Class A acoustic absorber
  • High performance industry grade absorption
  • Heavy-mass
  • Best soundproofing foam on the market
  • Highest achievable fire-retardant rating
  • RAL colour matching service available
  • Single sheet depths up to 100mm
  • Easy to cut and install on site

Step 1: Prepare wall surface, ensuring it is clean and dust free
Step 2: Measure and mark your grid lines to ensure you are working in a straight line (alternatively use a laser level to mark your straight edge)
Step 3: Spray both the wall and the back of the sheet or tile with spray adhesive
Step 4: Press the tiles onto the glued wall and hold for 10-15 seconds to allow the adhesive to form a bond.
Step 5: Cut any overhanging or odd edge tiles with a long straight knife and repeat processes 3-4.