PET Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Sound Zero PET Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are lightweight, ceiling-mounted acoustic absorbers that are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are designed to drastically impact room reverberation time and stop echo in areas with hard, reflective surfaces, making them an ideal acoustic solution when busy ceilings prevent a horizontally hung acoustic raft. With a multitude of sizes, shapes, colours, and other customisations to choose from, these panels will fit within any space.

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Sound-Zero PET Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are suspended vertically from the ceiling which significantly reduces the horizontal dispersion of sound waves by disrupting airflow. With all sides exposed, they allow for maximum sound absorption without obstructing lighting, air-conditioning units, or other ceiling furniture.

These high-performance acoustic ceiling baffles can be implemented virtually anywhere and will seamlessly adapt to all existing interior designs. Available in 12mm and 24mm depths, choose from our standard range of colours, sizes and designs, or with the help of our expert design team, Sound Zero can bring your bespoke requests to life, utilising our vast range of designs and in-house manufacturing experience.

Sound Zero acoustic ceiling baffles are used to reduce reverberation noise levels in buildings such as offices, boardrooms, call centres, music studios, classrooms and lecture halls, sports and community halls, cinemas, retail environments and other key areas of business and leisure.

PET Acoustic Ceiling Baffle features

  • Class A acoustic absorber
  • Recycled/Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight solution
  • 17 available colours
  • 7 interlocking shapes
  • Easy to install
  • Customisation available, speak to one of our team

Acoustic rating (NRC/SAA): aw 0.30 – 0.95 / NRC 0.45 – 0.90
Absorption class: A
Flammability class: Class 1 BS 476 (Class O BS 476)
Supplied weight: 2.4kg / m2
Density: 60kg / m³
Building material class: A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
Supplied dimensions: 1200mm x 400mm (Fully customisable upon request)
Colours: 13 colours available
Surface finish: Matte
Edge finish: Straight or Bevelled
Thickness: 12mm or 24mm
Environment: Certified to the EU Ecolabel Certified to Indoor Advantage™ Gold
Sustainable: SKA, Leed & Well standard applicable
VOC emissions – ASTM D5116
Material: Recycled polyester
Colour fastness to light in accordance (ISO 105-B02): 6 (scale 1-8)
Colourfastness to rubbing dry and wet (SO 105 X12) : 4/5 dry and wet
Tear strength | Warp and weft (EN 29073-3): Pass
Martindale (ISO 12947-2): 100.000 turns
Supplied in white: YES
Fixing type: Stainless steel suspension
Self install: YES
Cutting method: N/A
Supply lead time: 14 working days
Biodegradable: YES
Recycled: YES
Recyclable: YES (Request recycling information from info[at]
Organic: NO
Warranty period: 2 years (subject to terms & conditions)
Typical use: Indoor sound deadening/soundproofing
Product code: CT-PET-BFF

Step 1: Prepare surface, ensuring it is clean and dust free
Step 2: Measure and mark your ceiling with a pencil and straight edge (each panel hole is spaced 1000mm apart). The location of the next panel should be a minimum of 300mm in all directions apart.
Step 3: Drill the hole for the supplied masonry wall/ceiling plug fixture (use appropriate fixing plug for alternative mounting material).
Step 4: Screw threaded base into the ceiling.
Step 5: Feed wire rope through the stainless steel base and screw onto the threaded baseplate.

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