Hexagon Foam Tiles

Hexagon foam tiles create acoustic bliss with a dramatic ‘honeycomb’ effect on your walls. They can be installed to create an uneven surface, absorbing and diffusing a wide range of frequencies and sound waves. Cut to any size, available in our full range of acoustic foams (G25, Melamine, Class 0) and, thanks to our unique colour coating systems, a choice of any RAL or Pantone colour is available for each individual tile, so you can deliver a hexagonal acoustic panel solution that’s truly unique.

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Materials available in:

Deviating from the traditional square and rectangular acoustic foam panels often seen, these hexagonal acoustic tiles can either be installed with complete surface coverage, or in small clusters in a random orientation, giving complex texture and depth to any flat wall or ceiling to excite the space. Fracturing and tussling out from the wall it makes any space look rugged and industrial whilst increasing the rooms acoustic clarity and removing unwanted distortion.

Optimising the size, foam cell structure and profile of the hexagon tile is a key priority in ensuring that the product offers superior visual and acoustic value. Additionally, the product durability is also a driving factor in ensuring that the foam won’t crumble, decolourise or flake.

There is no limit as to where the hexagonal tile can be installed. From high-end professional music studios to public spaces and offices, these are a great solution for walls and ceilings to both absorb and diffuse sound.

With a choice of three materials and custom cut sizing available, you can achieve an end result that is matched to your own unique requirements. Whether you require the acoustic benefits of the budget G25 foam, the minimal weight of Basotect® melamine, or the ultra-dense, fire-resistant Class 0 material, the Hexagon Tile has got you covered.

Product features

  • Class B acoustic absorber
  • High performance industry grade absorption
  • Lightweight solution
  • RAL colour matching service available
  • Cut to any size
  • Easy to cut and install

NRC: 0.70
Absorption class: Class B
Flammability class: Class 1 BS 476 (Class O BS 476)
Supplied dimensions: 300mm x 350mm
+/- 2mm
Thickness: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Material: Class 0 open cell polyurethane foam
Single unit weight: 210 grams
Density: 90kg / m³
Standard colour: Dark grey
Single tile coverage: 0.11m²

Step 1: Prepare wall surface, ensuring it is clean and dust free
Step 2: Measure and mark your grid lines to ensure you are working in a straight line (alternatively use a laser level to mark your straight edge)
Step 3: Spray both the wall and the back of the tile with spray adhesive
Step 4: Press the tiles onto the glued wall and hold for 10-15 seconds to allow the adhesive to form a bond.
Step 5: Cut any overhanging or odd edge tiles with a long straight knife and repeat processes 3-4.

We can coat in nearly every colour

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