Hanging Screens

Suspended from the ceiling, these unique acoustic hanging screens deliver an instant partition wall, aiding your privacy and acoustic comfort. Made from PET, they are the eco-friendly way to solve your acoustic concerns and to divide your room whilst maintaining that open feel.

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As great as they are, open-plan environments can feel a little overwhelming at times. These stylish hanging acoustic screens elegantly fall from the ceiling – still allowing light to penetrate through – creating privacy and acoustic comfort.

For any environment seeking a unique flash of creativity, these hanging screens are an ideal suspended acoustic divider. Lightweight, semi-rigid, and decorative with solid colour throughout, these hanging screens suspend from the ceiling, cascading down to the floor in a picture of light and colour.

We recommend this application is used to separate areas within an open-plan environment, improving the sonic performance of any interior, whilst maintaining that sense of space. Examples include offices, restaurants and learning spaces. Combined with any other acoustic wall covering in our catalogue, you have the potential to create a complete acoustic oasis – perfect for productivity and workplace efficiency.

Hanging Screen features

  • Class leading acoustic performance
  • 20 readily available designs
  • Full branding and pattern customisation available
  • 14 colours and two or more can be combined
  • Lightweight and semi-rigid
  • Keeps a space feeling open whilst dividing a room
  • Versatile suspension options
  • Sustainable – Ideal for SKA, Leed & Well standard projects
  • No VOC content

NRC: Direct fixed 12mm: 0.35 NRC. Direct fixed 24mm: 0.60 NRC
Flammability class: Class 0 (BS 5422:1990)
Supplied dimensions: 1200mm x 2400mm x 12/24mm (custom sizes also available up to a maximum of 1200mm x 2700mm x 12/24mm)
Thickness: 12 & 24mm
Material: 100% recyclable polyester (P.E.T.) with a minimum 60% recycled content
Density: 12mm 2.4KG/M2 – 24mm 4.8KG/M2
Standard colours: 14 available with dual colour and printing / cut out branding option available.

We can coat in nearly every colour

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