GENCORK is the ultimate amalgamation between low-tech material and high-tech processes. The 100% sustainable and natural expanded cork has undergone an advanced digital fabrication process, producing the unique design you see before you.

With no added bonding agent, it is 100% natural and 100% recyclable, making it the ultimate green acoustic solution.

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GENCORK is the result of what happens when technology, innovation, and sustainability meet young, creative talent in perfect harmony. It is best characterised by its digital process and is thus one of the product’s most important elements. By adopting computational design strategies, it is possible to create a wide variety of pattern variations, adapting it to any size or form. With such intricate patterns, acoustic performance is enhanced – allowing sound absorption from a varying range of frequencies.

The end result is a cool, contemporary wall covering that oozes style and class, and is the perfect acoustic, thermal and decorative solution for restaurants, hotels, bars and modern office spaces.

Thanks to our manufacturing processes, architects and designers can specify the raw material and create their own unique designs.

Beautiful in every way, GENCORK is more than just an acoustic product, but an experience you can see, touch, smell and feel.

GENCORK features

  • Award winning Green product
  • 100% natural, ecological, 100% recyclable
  • 9S% energy self-sufficient production
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Fire, water, and weather-resistant
  • Preservation and respect for trees
  • Digital fabrication available – CNC milling machine
  1. Start by getting your GENCORK wall out of the boxes, taking care when doing so;*
  2. Every GENCORK board is marked on the back. Follow the chess board pattern scheme to assemble your wall. You will find it’s really easy;
  3. The supporting wall must be well cleaned and free of any residues that may keep the glue from adhering properly. Make sure the supporting wall is square and free of any imperfections, so that it does not affect the pattern; *If you have the time and the space, start by carefully assembling your GENCORK wall on the floor as a trial.
  4. Use any universal construction adhesive on the back of the board as shown, and apply it directly onto the wall;
  5. If the supporting wall is made of wood or drywall, you can fasten the GENCORK boards to it using screws;
  6. To trim a GENCORK board, use a X-Acto knife, or even basic woodworking tools (Ex: band saw/jigsaw);
  7. To get invisible seams, apply a dab of wood glue on the edges, and press them together when applying to the supporting wall. Repeat this step until your GENCORK wall is complete!

We can coat in nearly every colour

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