Fabric Wrapped Baffle

Like all of our premium range of acoustic Class A absorbers, Fabric Wrapped Baffles feature both our Class O and Basotect acoustic foams, layered together at a depth of 75mm, encased in a wooden frame and wrapped with a high-quality, acoustically transparent fabric from one of our select fabric partners – guaranteed for 10-years.

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Sound Zero’s Fabric Wrapped Baffles are designed to acoustically treat the largest open expanse of any room in the ceiling.

Wrapped in a range of class-leading fabrics, these baffles come with a built-in support structure for improved rigidity and ease of installation.

Designed to reduce the reverberation time and echo from reflective surfaces, these baffles will have a significant impact on your office acoustics, both in open-plan expanses and meeting and boardrooms alike. Seen throughout music studios, classrooms, lecture halls, halls, home cinemas, and many other areas of business and leisure.

By suspending a baffle vertically as opposed to our horizontal ceiling rafts, we not only allow all absorbent sides to be exposed to sound waves, but we impact how far they can carry throughout a room by disrupting their flow.

We can coat in nearly every colour

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