Egg Foam

Egg foam is designed to provide acoustic control in a room by reducing reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes. This particular acoustic treatment has traditionally been found in critical listening environments, but Sound Zero Egg foam is an acoustic panel that has been given a modern makeover and our colourful designs have been specified into hundreds of offices over the world. 

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Egg profiled acoustic foam, sometimes known as Egg foam, Egg box foam, Egg crate foam, or Convoluted foam, very quickly became the industry standard acoustic foam in recording studios, concert halls and on sound stages for film. Its intricate, convoluted shape resembles an egg box (hence the name), is soft on the eye and the uneven surface of these acoustic panels enables them to absorb a greater range of frequencies and soundwaves than plain-faced acoustic foam at a similar size.

G25 is the standard material used for our foam-based acoustic products here at Sound Zero. Durable, versatile and boasting superior acoustic properties, G25 is the preferred choice for Music Studios and many organisations looking to control workplace acoustics.

Egg foam is the ideal solution for any environment used for musical purposes. However, the personalisation options – such as colour choice – means that Egg foam can be applied to a range of environments. Many open-plan offices contain ‘quiet zones’ or ‘break-out’ areas – and by applying Egg foam to the walls – it can make for a distraction-free hub for productivity. Additionally, Egg foam can be applied to quiet booths in restaurants for those seeking a more intimate dining experience.

This highly effective, traditional acoustic foam makes the perfect addition to any space needing a soft feature wall which is full of movement.

Egg Foam features

  • Class B acoustic absorber
  • High performance industry grade absorption
  • Lightweight
  • RAL colour matching service available
  • Customisable depth
  • Easy to cut and install

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Egg foam | G25 acoustic foam

Acoustic rating (NRC/SAA): 0.50
Absorption class: C
Flammability class: BS5852 Crib 5
Supplied weight: 446.72 grams
Density: 25kg / m³
Building material class: A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
Supplied dimensions: 2000mm x 1000mm
 (Fully customisable upon request)
Sheet coverage: 2m²
Colour: Graphite grey as standard (colour coating service available)
Surface finish: Matte
Thickness: 40mm
Environment: Certified to the EU Ecolabel Certified to Indoor Advantage™ Gold
Sustainable: SKA, Leed & Well standard applicable
VOC emissions: ASTM D5116
Material: RX25/140 open cell polyurethane foam
Colour fastness to light in accordance (ISO 105-B02): 6 (scale 1-8)
Colourfastness to rubbing dry and wet (SO 105 X12): 4/5 dry and wet
Tear strength | Warp and weft (EN 29073-3): N/A
Martindale (ISO 12947-2): N/A
Supplied in white: NO – Coating available upon request
Fixing type: Bonded adhesive
Self install: YES
Cutting method: Sharp handheld knife
Supply lead time: 10-14 working days
Biodegradable: NO
Recycled: NO
Recyclable: YES (Request recycling information from info[at]
Organic: NO
Warranty period: 1 year (subject to terms & conditions)
Typical use: Indoor sound deadening/soundproofing
Product code: G25-EGG-STN

Step 1: Prepare wall surface, ensuring it is clean and dust free

Step 2: Measure and mark your guide lines to ensure you are working in a straight line (alternatively use a laser level to mark your straight edge)

Step 3: Spray both the wall and the back of the sheet or tile with spray adhesive

Step 4: Press the sheet onto the glued wall and hold for 10-15 seconds to allow the adhesive to form a bond.

Step 5: Cut any overhanging or odd edges with a long straight knife and repeat processes 3-4.

PLEASE NOTE: Pay close attention to the peaks when cutting.
Egg foam is cut at random on industrial machines and will not join neatly to other sheets like other acoustic foam panels. A border material is best used to disguise joins or allow for a minimum of 30% wastage to ensure sheets join neatly.

We can coat in nearly every colour

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