Anechoic Wedge

Anechoic Wedges are custom made, large foam wedges provide maximum absorption and are ideal for testing rooms, research facilities, and anechoic chambers. Anechoic Wedge foam can dramatically improve the accuracy of sound measurements by eliminating bounce-back sounds such as echo, feedback, and resonance. The deep wedge pattern offers maximum absorption and increased mid to low frequency response.

The bold, geometric design of this 3-point wedge may be applied in a variety of patterns to create visual impact and ultimate acoustical performance. The Anechoic Wedges are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for a variety of sound absorption applications.

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Anechoic wedges are vital for use in research and development environments and can be installed in a unique enclosure known as an ‘anechoic chamber’. You can read our case study from a recent project – where we collaborated in the design and construction of an anechoic chamber for the automotive industry here. In situations like this, full acoustic absorption is paramount in order for scientists to take precise acoustic measurements.

As well as the traditional application of anechoic wedges, these versatile panels can be installed in a range of environments to help improve room acoustics, for example, in podcasting and recording facilities. This is due to their highly absorptive acoustic properties.

In addition, an anechoic wedge can also be supplied as a full wall covering system – which is great for spaces that contain thin walls. Due to their high-density properties, the anechoic wedge can help to block sound from travelling through walls and into other rooms.

There are ample opportunities to add your own unique design to the wedges with our RAL or Pantone colour coating systems. When coating each face of the wedge in contrasting colours, you can achieve an outstanding ‘transitional’ art piece that appears to change colour as you walk past it. If you would like to know more about this unique design option, read our case study from Universal Music Group and Facebook HQ.

The Anechoic Wedges are lightweight and easy to install, making them the efficient solution for busy working environments, ensuring minimal disruption to the working day.

Anechoic Wedge features

  • Class A acoustic absorber
  • High performance industry grade absorption
  • Lightweight
  • RAL colour matching service available
  • Customisable depth
  • Easy to cut and install

Step 1: Prepare wall surface, ensuring it is clean and dust free
Step 2: Measure and mark your grid lines to ensure you are working in a straight line (alternatively use a laser level to mark your straight edge)
Step 3: Spray both the wall and the back of the wedge (flat side) with spray adhesive
Step 4: Press the wedges onto the glued wall and hold for 10-15 seconds to allow the adhesive to form a bond.
Step 5: Cut any overhanging or odd edge wedges with a long straight knife and repeat processes 3-4.

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Anechoic wedge | G25 acoustic foam

Acoustic rating (NRC/SAA): 0.70
Absorption class: A
Flammability class: BS5852 Crib 5 (UL94 HF1)
Supplied weight: 80 grams
Density: 25kg / m³
Building material class: A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
Supplied dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
 (Fully customisable upon request)
Sheet coverage: 2m²
Colour: Graphite grey as standard (colour coating service available)
Surface finish: Matte
Thickness: 150mm
Environment: Certified to the EU Ecolabel Certified to Indoor Advantage™ Gold
Sustainable: SKA, Leed & Well standard applicable
VOC emissions: ASTM D5116
Material: RX25/140 open cell polyurethane foam
Colour fastness to light in accordance (ISO 105-B02): 6 (scale 1-8)
Colourfastness to rubbing dry and wet (SO 105 X12): 4/5 dry and wet
Tear strength | Warp and weft (EN 29073-3): N/A
Martindale (ISO 12947-2): N/A
Supplied in white: NO – Coating available upon request
Fixing type: Bonded adhesive
Self install: YES
Cutting method: Sharp handheld knife
Supply lead time: 10-14 working days
Biodegradable: NO
Recycled: NO
Recyclable: YES (Request recycling information from info[at]
Organic: NO
Warranty period: 1 year (subject to terms & conditions)
Typical use: Indoor sound deadening/soundproofing
Product code: G25-ANC-STN

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