CorkBee is the environmentally friendly solution to bad acoustics. Inspired by nature, these 3D wall panels tick all the right boxes – they are made from a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material, that has a unique design and offers superior acoustic comfort.

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CorkBee combines our passion for good design and simple forms to bring you a collection of environmentally friendly, 3D acoustic panels.

Cork is a tremendously versatile material that has excellent acoustic properties due to its porous nature. It is lightweight, durable, can be moulded into a variety of shapes and, best of all, completely organic!

CorkBee is sustainably sourced, the cork used is not extracted to make these acoustic panels, but is a by-product from the waste produced from the manufacturing of wine bottle corks.

CorkBee acoustic panel range

CorkBee Line

Strike a line through your bad room acoustics and enter a world of contemporary bliss. Create a feature wall at the heart of a noisy living room or office meeting room, adding warmth and colour to any space that lacks character.

CorkBee Stripe

Inspired by the grids of the modern metropolis, CorkBee Stripe acoustic panels introduce an element of simple style and tasteful minimalism into any space.

CorkBee Kite

The latest offering in the CorkBee range, Kite breaks the mould of conventionalism with its beautifully elegant, concave yet precise shape.

If you have a problem with echo in your hallway or room, simply add one of our range of cork acoustic panels and create a unique feature wall that will wow visitors and keep your room’s acoustics under control. Keep things all natural by combining CorkBee with Moss Wall.

They are easy to install, can be coloured with standard household paint and are simple to keep clean.