Introducing 12Grid, the ultimate eco-friendly acoustic ceiling panel solution designed for architects, delivering exceptional sound absorption, zero-waste manufacturing, and a versatile 18-colour palette to elevate your modern architectural projects.

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Embrace sustainable acoustics with 12Grid: The ultimate ceiling panel solution for architects and designers

Welcome to the future of acoustic design with 12Grid, a cutting-edge acoustic ceiling panel that seamlessly integrates into any space with unparalleled sound absorption and sustainability. Engineered with architects in mind, 12Grid is the perfect solution for creating harmonious and eco-friendly spaces that reflect your commitment to innovative design and environmental responsibility.

Elevate your designs with 12Grid

12Grid is a suspended ceiling acoustic solution crafted from a single sheet of PET Eco Felt, ensuring zero waste during manufacturing and making it a truly eco-friendly solution. Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t compromise on performance – 12Grid panels offer exceptional sound absorption, transforming any space into a serene, acoustically balanced environment.

A palette of possibilities

With 18 vibrant colours to choose from, 12Grid allows you to bring your architectural visions to life without sacrificing acoustic excellence. The versatile colour range enables you to create inspiring, tailored spaces that resonate with your clients’ aesthetic preferences and brand identities.

Streamlined installation for modern spaces

12Grid panels are designed to be effortlessly suspended from the ceiling, making installation a breeze for both new constructions and renovations. Their sleek and minimalist profile complements contemporary architectural styles, enhancing the visual appeal of any space while providing unparalleled acoustic control. The open grid design allows for penetrations of lights and no interference with ceiling sensors.

Experience the 12Grid difference

Choose 12Grid for your next architectural project and discover the perfect union of acoustic performance, sustainability, and design flexibility. Transform your clients’ spaces with our innovative, eco-friendly acoustic ceiling panels that elevate aesthetics and deliver a serene, distraction-free environment.

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