Acoustic Foam Panels

We offer an extensive range of bespoke and ready-made acoustic foam products, designed to improve the acoustic comfort of any room and enhance the audio quality within it. Read more…

Sound Zero offers every type of acoustic foam on the market today. We precision cut and profile every piece of acoustic foam to order at our own UK based manufacturing facility so we can ensure quality control and we can tailor the acoustic solution to your needs.

Acoustic foam has been the go-to acoustic treatment for the likes of recording studios, control rooms, mixing rooms, and vocal booths for numerous years.

The reason being? It works. For years, no other acoustic material could deliver the same sound absorption classification, with the same ease of installation, and at the same budget friendly price.

These days, the acoustic material options are numerous and other specification aspects are often considered as a priority such as its flammability class, whether or not it is recyclable, or made from a sustainable material.

Which type of acoustic foam is right for me?

G25 Acoustic Foam

Think acoustic foam, think G25 Acoustic Foam. This remains the go-to acoustic solution for everyone from home hobbyists to those working in a critical listening environment. With classic profiles such as Pyramid, Egg, Ridged and Hexagon available, this acoustic foam is a great, budget friendly acoustic solution. See the full range of G25 products here.

Melamine Acoustic Foam

Melamine (Basotect®️) is an ultra-lightweight foam that is every bit as versatile as G25 when it comes to profiled cutting, but this material is the market leader where an acoustic foam solution has been specified and it requires a Class 1 or Class 0 fire rating. See the full range of Melamine here.

Class O Foam

Sound Zero Class O foam is a construction ready, heavy-mass soundproofing acoustic foam that helps capture a whole broadband of frequencies including troublesome low frequencies. It is Class 0 fire rated and easy to modify and install on site. When used as part of a soundproofing solution you can drastically reduce noise transmission with Sound Zero Class O foam. See the full range of Class O foam here.

Hear the difference with acoustic foam

Sound Zero acoustic foams have been engineered for maximum sound absorption. Looking to make your area a little bit quieter? When looking to improve sound within a designated area, our range of acoustic foam panels, tiles and products make them the ideal acoustic material to achieve these goals.

The sound absorption properties that acoustic foam exhibits work by reducing or even eliminating sound waves to snuff out sound energy.
Acoustic foam panels will help take care of reflections, echoes and reverberations in any setting to enhance the quality of sound in a given space.

Why foam is ideal for treating poor acoustics

Simply put, foam is an ideal material for absorbing sound. Acoustic foam improves the quality of sound within a room or area by eliminating reflected sound or echo.

Whenever a sound encounters a material it will either reflect and bounce back into the room causing reverberation if it is a dense, hard material, or it will be absorbed by the material itself if it is a porous material such as acoustic foam and the sound energy is transformed into heat. If the sound energy is absorbed only partly, the rest of it will travel through the material depending on the nature of that particular material.

It’s one of the reasons why you’ll often find acoustic foam panels and acoustic foam tiles in the likes of recording and podcast studios. However, the applications for sound absorbing foam are more far-reaching.

Unique, interesting acoustic foam panels

Acoustic foam is far from boring. In fact, there’s a lot of design flexibility when it comes to creating sound absorbing foam. Not only does our foam come in more than 100 colour options to match the scheme of any room or area, but we create our products with a unique coating and innovative manufacturing process so our partners are able to get the high-quality foams that match the look and style they desire.

When most people think of soundproof foam, they may think of heavy barriers covering every inch of the wall. That’s not necessarily the case, as foams today are available in slim styles to maximize floorspace. In many cases, it’s also not necessary for acoustic foam panels to cover the entirety of the walls, as strategic placement can be effective in many situations. Panels can even be created with unique texture to enhance their profile and add to the ambiance of a certain setting.

In addition to soundproofing properties, certain styles of our foam are also fire-proof.

Ideal acoustic foam applications

As we noted before, acoustic foam is ideal anywhere there’s a desire to improve sound quality and eliminate exterior sound. It’s one of the reasons why acoustic foam tiles and panels are often synonymous with the likes of recording, radio and podcast studios. Here’s a look at some other applications where sound absorbing foam is an effective solution.

  • High-traffic hallways in schools, offices and universities where noise could pose a distraction to activity
  • Executive meeting rooms that want to minimise outside distraction and keep dialogue internal only
  • Gyms or fitness centres that share mixed-use space with residential accommodations
  • Libraries or study halls
  • Offices or retail space

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In today’s bustling world, a peaceful and productive workspace is essential. Our acoustic solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of modern offices and buildings, providing you with the perfect balance between acoustic comfort and contemporary design.

Our range of acoustic panels, baffles, furniture, and wall coverings are engineered to keep unwanted noise at bay, ensuring your employees can focus, collaborate, and thrive in a tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re outfitting an open-plan office, music studio, conference room, or lobby, our products are designed to enhance auditory comfort without compromising style.

We understand the importance of aesthetics in your workspace. That’s why our acoustic products come in various modern designs, textures, and finishes. We also have a range of sustainable products for eco-friendly businesses. You can seamlessly integrate them into your existing decor, creating a cohesive and visually appealing environment that reflects your unique style.

Experience the transformation of your office or building with our acoustic solutions, where acoustic comfort meets contemporary design. Create a productive, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing space that inspires and impresses. Explore our range today and take the first step towards a quieter, more stylish future.