Offices are changing: why you should consider your office acoustics

Modern office with meeting rooms

When designing an open-plan office environment, an inspirational workspace is of utmost importance. A space that fosters creativity and collaboration will surely have a positive impact on the business as a whole. Let’s consider your office acoustics.

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In order for employees to fully benefit from an open-plan office space, architects and designers need to consider elements far beyond just their physical impact. 

An inspiring modern office full of colour and texture
The modern office is a space bursting with colour, textures and inviting spaces, but in amongst all that is carefully considered office acoustics

That’s where acoustics come in. Sound Zero understands the need for office acoustic comfort that aligns itself with innovative design. 

An office space that attacks the main senses: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, will be sure to satisfy the differing needs of your team. 

Changes in office culture

Managing directors and business owners are adopting a much more open-minded approach to office life nowadays.  

We have seen a recent push towards flexible working hours, which allows people to start and finish work at times that suit their lifestyle to accommodate family and personal commitments. 

There has also been a rise in businesses promoting remote working (working from home). This can have a number of benefits for both employers and employees. Businesses are finding that they are able to hire people based on their skills, rather than where they live.

And workers can carry out their daily tasks in their pyjamas, in the comfort of their own home. 

Female working from her sofa
Flexible working hours and remote access is allowing businesses to hire people based on their skills rather than geography

This is the first time that our society has seen such a shift in how people approach work, and it’s all about improving mental health and wellbeing. 

Changes in office culture and its implications for open-plan offices 

The rise in work flexibility is prompting interior designers to re-assess their approach to office design. Many offices aim to achieve a ‘creative hub’, rather than an office in the traditional sense. 

We are seeing offices as much more of an extension of our homes, with comfortable seating, breakout zones, coffee areas and meeting spaces.

Your design requirements should align with the change in office culture that we’re seeing in today’s working world.

Changing the outlook of open-plan offices with acoustics

Using a variety of materials throughout the workplace can help create spaces that promote productivity and wellness through improving acoustic comfort. 

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you’ll understand that bad acoustics are generally caused by sounds being reflected off hard services. An experienced acoustician will be able to determine where exactly the sound is being reflected, and thus be able to advise the best solutions. 

Of course, every space is different, and our approaches will accommodate this. 

If you’d like to learn more about where acoustic treatment should be positioned, click here.

Office acoustics: the solutions 

We’ve addressed that offices are currently undertaking a culture shift to accommodate the different ways in which people approach work. Here are some of the solutions that we have to make your office feel more like a catalyst for creativity, and an extension of your living room. 

Improve your wall space with acoustics

Walls are renowned for being highly reflective and a major cause of acoustical discomfort. Our Wall Panel Pro’s can deliver a discrete broadband absorber with acoustic fabric. We can create a range of artistic designs, ideal for your office environment. 

Printed Wall Panel Pros in office boardroom
Printed Wall Panel Pros will improve your office acoustics whilst showcasing your brand

But did you know we can also implement these fabric panels on ceilings too?  

Ceiling clouds in a modern office
Acoustic ceiling clouds are the perfect way to reduce unwanted noise pollution in the office. These panels are long lasting and stay out of harm’s way whilst discretely and stylishly reducing unwanted noise pollution coming from busy working areas. 

Feature walls 

We often recommend the acoustical and design qualities of a feature wall. Our environmentally friendly cork wall cladding allows you to complete your daily tasks in acoustic bliss. 

Our Acoustic Moss Wall is a great way to bring the outside in. The preserved moss needs no maintenance whatsoever and is an all natural acoustic absorber.

Framed CorkBee and Moss Wall
Create acoustic art with framed panels of Cork Wall or preserved Moss Wall

Acoustic booths and wall partitions

If you want to further promote your office space as a creative comfort zone, why not explore the benefits of acoustic booths?

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Acoustic booth with timber surround
Small, comfortable acoustic booths give team members a place for impromptu meetings or to work alone in an area away from distractions

These can be easily erected and will give you that much-needed privacy for those more concentrated tasks, team meetings or important telephone calls. 

You can easily add partitions to sections of your office with stud walls that are acoustically treated, then finished in a striking colour.

Acoustic booths with yellow egg profile coated foam
Partition walls treated with Sound Zero coated egg profile foam brings a stunning look to these small acoustic booths

Branding is still important

We’re aware of the more relaxed tone that modern-day offices are adopting. ‘Dress-down Fridays’ are turning into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in certain industries. 

This doesn’t mean that you should lose your brand identity, however. 

Our acoustic foam products can be combined with our unique colour coating, to create visually stunning spaces, aligned to your brand colours and identity. 

We can even create an acoustic logo for you and implement that into a feature wall.

Rinse FM acoustic wall
Sound Zero Hex tiles and an acoustic foam logo at the Rinse FM headquarters in East London


Offices are ever evolving, but it looks as though employee wellbeing is here to stay. When re-designing or improving your office, consider the factors that improve wellness the most. Most likely, it’ll be the comfort of your employees. 

If you’d like any information on how we can create a solution specifically matched to your needs, get in touch today.  

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