[MORE] Do’s and don’ts for acoustic design in school

Sound Zero | [MORE] do’s and don’ts for acoustic design in school

Acoustic design is so important for schools as it contributes massively to the wellbeing and learning of pupils as well as teachers.

Implementing acoustic treatment in schools can work towards counteracting issues such as over-crowded classrooms, traffic in the corridors, and long reverberation times.

It would be great if we had independent working spaces for every child in school, but unfortunately, schools don’t have the resources to facilitate this. That’s why controlling classroom acoustics is so important. It allows children to listen and learn, without impacted concentration or compromised learning outcomes.

In this blog we will cover several [more] do’s and don’ts for those involved in the design or specification of an educational setting.

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Don’t just put up acoustic panels here and there

Acoustic design is designed for a reason. Sound travels in specific ways that means acousticians have to calculate and model where reverberations are bouncing and where soundproofing is needed.

Taking a slap-dash approach to acoustic treatment means it won’t be effective or beneficial. And schools are not a place where mistakes with acoustic comfort can be made.

Noise can impact so many things children do in class: reading, mental maths, problem-solving, memory recall, and concentration. Poor acoustic spaces can amplify noise and distractions, especially for children who are more sensitive to sound than adults.

In research studies, it has been recorded that background noise significantly affects children’s performance in tests. Noise in a classroom over 41 decibels has been proven to significantly affect test results, with every 10-decibel increase in noise producing a reduction in test results progressively.

Unlike adults, children are also unable to acclimatise to noise over time, so teachers might not realise how noise is impacting their pupils, as they are more sensitive than them.

This evidence shows how poor acoustic spaces with high background noise is detrimental for children in schools, so make sure you soundproof your classroom effectively, with the help of an expert!

Don’t only consider the typical pupil

Meeting minimum standards for acoustics in schools is not the best way for every pupil to reach their potential. Acoustic design should not just be a box-ticking task to meet building regulations.

Implementing acoustic treatment that is unique to your school’s needs, how people in your school buildings experience sound, and how it affects them, is a much better way to create an enhanced educational environment.

Schools must also consider their SEN provision as children with special educational needs and hearing impairments require a higher standard of acoustic design.

Improving and implementing acoustic treatment into educational spaces provides the opportunity for every pupil’s learning to be vastly improved through clearer communication, concentration, reduced stress, and increased attainment.

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Do choose environmentally friendly acoustic solutions

Eco-friendly acoustic treatments are the best option for the refurbishment or building of your school.

Architects can deliver high levels of acoustic comfort, whilst being sustainable and considerate of our planet and its resources.

Sound Zero’s vast range of environmentally friendly acoustic panels and soundproofing materials are simple and effective, and the ideal solution for your school’s acoustic treatment.

Moss wall feature wall

Do be unique

At Sound Zero, we pride ourselves on providing acoustic solutions that combine attractive design with effective acoustic treatment.

We know in schools that classroom displays are one of the key ways in which rooms are decorated. But this can continue by visually appealing acoustic panels that come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colours.

Unique acoustic panels can be the perfect way to add to the look of a classroom. Bespoke sound absorbing panels can also be manufactured to fit the creative needs of the school.


If your school is looking to achieve an improved acoustic environment for your pupil’s learning and creativity, choosing an acoustic solution from Sound Zero is the perfect option.

Our team of acoustic consultants is available to discuss your school acoustics needs to ensure you select the right product from our line. We have a range of products which can be completely customised to your colour, size, fabric, and other product requests.

Whether you need maximum noise reduction or slight adjustments to your classroom acoustics, we can help. We have helped countless schools and organisations improve their school acoustics over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to go over our unique acoustic panels for schools that can help your students achieve better focus and attainment.

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