PET Felt

PET Felt: sure, it sounds cute and fuzzy, and it will certainly enhance any living or working space in which it is found. But the PET in PET Felt is not about man’s best friend, or the feline kind. PET is an abbreviation for Polyethylene Terephthalate - the material that plastic bottles and similar single use objects are made from.

What is PET Felt?

As you may have guessed, PET Felt is about harvesting used Polyethylene Terephthalate for reuse in architecture for sound dampening.

Many standard efforts at gathering and reusing single use plastics are failing. We rely on other countries to use much of our recyclables to construct inexpensive consumer products. Unfortunately, the nations that have traditionally played this role are losing interest in our waste plastics. This makes the need for home-grown PET repurposing all the more important for the health of our nation, our economy, and for the world.

The good news is that PET is especially well-suited for use in design led acoustics as it is lightweight, dense, durable, and rigid: all properties that make it ideal for acoustic design. Add to that it achieves a Class O fire rating and its clear to see why this superhero material is fast becoming the go-to product for architects, specifiers and interior designers.

PET in acoustics is a relatively new architectural design concept that is centred around using this plentiful, durable, and inexpensive material for use in soundproofing and in general acoustic control.

The benefits of PET in design led acoustics

PET Felt is an extraordinarily functional material for design led acoustics. Here are just a few of the benefits of PET Felt within acoustics.


Because PET Felt is a lightweight material that is easy to modify, it can be used in a wide variety of sound dampening asset types from ceiling baffles to wall panels, from desktop screens to acoustic furniture. These colourful boards can be built into design elements of any size, shape, and proportion. This allows architects and designers to create appealing designs without the worry of creating problems with structural integrity.

High performance

Because PET Felt is a functionally superior material for acoustic dampening and because it is extraordinarily light yet rigid, experienced designers are able to use it to great effect both aesthetically and in building acoustic design assets that make the most out of its advanced properties.

Proven safety & reliability

While PET Felt is an advanced soundproofing material for many reasons, it is also something that has been with us for a very long time. The way this material interacts with the elements, with human physiology, and other substances are well known. This means we can predict how your PET Felt acoustic features will perform over time. It also means that we can design and build acoustic dampening structural features in a way that is guaranteed to be safe, durable, and effective.

When you get right down to it, there are few – if any – materials that compare to PET in terms of its ability to be used for design led acoustics. It is plentiful, supple, versatile, long lasting, safe, and effective.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of PET Felt in acoustic led design, get in touch with the sound control design professionals at Sound Zero today.

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