Biophilic design is a means of interweaving plant-bearing features into architectural design to reduce ambient noise and to create a naturalistic setting that gets the most out of structural refinements and organic assets. Read more…

What is biophilic design?

The best examples of biophilic design express reverence for nature as structures are built to accommodate carefully curated floral assets in a living or working space. Architects who master the balance necessary to make this design modality successful are some of the most talented and lauded in the industry.

The benefits of biophilic design

The beauty of biophilic design is the fact that its benefits are easily understood by anyone. Those with no background in architecture, acoustic design – and even children, will instantly appreciate the ways in which incorporating floral assets into the interior spaces of a structure will enhance the experience of the users and create a more health-promoting environment.

The promotion of better human health

Like any other creature, human beings are naturally at home around living, growing things. Plants oxygenate the air, enriching our biology as they come into proximity to us. But more than that, the very presence of plants is a boon to human psychology.

Better productivity

With more fully oxygenated blood and tissues, human beings are naturally more at ease and more energetic. Biophilic design is about the promotion of human flourishing for its own sake – but the result of better functioning humans is greater productivity.

Reduced employee turnover

With greater health and happiness comes greater job satisfaction for those who work in buildings built with optimal biophilic design in mind. The result for employers is an energised and more loyal team of workers, reducing the costs of hiring and H.R. functions by keeping people on the payroll.

Better branding

Just as every person’s home reflects her or his state of mind and way of living, biophilic design sends a positive message to your staff, customers, and partners about you. It says that you actively care for the well-being of everyone involved in and affected by your business. To be brief, there is no better sentiment to associate with your brand identity.

Biophilic acoustic design: how plants reduce noise

Those who have worked in a sound studio, musicians, and builders alike will all know how wood and similar materials dampen noise. However, a piece of wood is dead, and as such, it is rigid and is of a uni-material consistency. biophilic design incorporates living plants into the structure of building designs. Living plants contain wood, of course. But they also contain water, tissues that are both soft and dense, and they are made from layers of organic material. All of these properties of plants make them superior sound dampeners.

Acoustic panels

The concept of a panel used to limit the movement of sound is well understood. However, in biophilic design floral assets are placed into panel-like sections along key areas, encased in protective enclosures, to function as a hybrid acoustic panel made from organic and non-living material.

Acoustic design

An architect with the right know-how can use the superior sound dampening characteristics of living plants to create working environments that are more productive, and more conducive to the well-being of the people who use those spaces.

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