Acoustic Cork

Acoustic cork has excellent sound absorbing properties and is also a great insulator. It's lightweight as well as fire, water and weather resistant. Yet perhaps the biggest benefit of cork is that it's a sustainable acoustic solution, offering a natural material that doesn’t rely on high-energy processing. In fact, our cork processing is 95% energy self-sufficient in its production making it a brilliant, biophilic superstar!

Why choose cork?

When it comes to choosing the right acoustic absorber for any space, know that the options at your disposal are vast. Selection often comes down to a variety of factors, and material is one of the most important considerations you’ll have to take into account.

Obviously with any material, you’ll want to make sure it achieves the correct sound absorption qualities you’re looking for, but it also has to look great and fit within your property’s decor too. Cork is a material that checks all of these boxes, and it’s a very green acoustic solution to boot.

Excellent Sound-Absorbing Properties

There are many benefits to outfitting a property or areas of a property with the likes of cork wall tiles and cork acoustic panels. Aside from looking great – there are a variety of decorative acoustic cork options to choose from – cork soundproofing products are also affordable. But the biggest reason to install acoustic cork is because the material offers exceptional sound absorption qualities.

Acoustic cork is offered in panels, underlayment, planks and tiles to meet any of your property’s decorative needs or personal preferences. Even a small amount of acoustic cork can go a long way, with studies showing that just 3 millimetres of cork can block up to 10 decibels of sound. That’s incredibly efficient.

Acoustic cork has green credentials

Cork is derived from trees but is regarded as a sustainably harvested material because the trees themselves aren’t chopped down to create the acoustic cork wall tiles and acoustic panels – only the bark is used for the purpose of making cork products, and the bark will grow back in a relatively short space of time. For these reasons, cork is considered a sustainable acoustic material and part of an overall environmentally friendly solution.

In addition to being sustainably sourced, cork is also recyclable at the end of its life and can be reprocessed to make other materials and products. In fact, our CorkBee acoustic tiles are made using a byproduct from the wine industry, meaning even less waste going to landfill.

It suits a variety of environments

There are many types of decorative acoustic cork available, so it’s a very stylish acoustic solution that can suit literally any property or environment. Some ideal applications for decorative acoustic cork tiles and panels include:

  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Retail environments
  • Commercial properties
  • Hotels
  • Multi-unit residential properties

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