How Much Does It Cost To Design And Build A Podcast Studio?

How Much Does It Cost To Design And Build A Podcast Studio 2

If your business is looking into how to design and build an in-house commercial podcast studio, one of the first questions you may have is: How much does a podcast studio build cost?

The many elements that make up a podcast studio vary from one build to another, making this a very complex, if not near impossible question to answer in one post. However, gaining an understanding of these varied podcast studio elements will certainly shed some light on the rough costs.

Like anything, the desired quality of the final product will be the biggest factor in determining cost. On a sliding scale of ‘cost-effective to premium’, key design choices and specifications will considerably affect the final price of a design and build project.

More often than not, cutting corners or buying cheap only ends up in needing to buy twice (or in this case, the cost of post-editing a badly recorded podcast series will soon add up to more than the build cost). Understanding the difference between a cheaper price and good value is essential here.

Let’s take a look at the main elements that will dramatically affect the cost of your commercial podcast studio.


The Cost Of The Podcast Studio Base Build

Before we even consider the optional elements which will contribute to the price of a commercial podcast studio, we need to cover the basics.

When done correctly, a quality podcast studio will require a considerable amount of materials, even to cover the minimum criteria.

It’s very rare to find an isolated room that doesn’t at least need partial construction in order to isolate it. Ask yourself: are you repurposing an existing room, and if so, is that room soundproofed enough to stop noise leaks from outside? 

Or are you building a bespoke recording booth from scratch? The need for adding an isolated ceiling and floor can drastically increase the costs, however these elements are essential to create a soundproof booth that is fit for purpose.  

At this early stage, the layout of the room will be considered and adjustments may need to be made, for example to lower the ceiling to improve audio quality.

Partnering with a podcast design and build company from the very beginning of your project will ensure these costs are kept as low as possible. Some companies will walk through your space during the early design stages to map out exactly what construction work may be needed. Doing this early avoids unforeseen expenses later down the line.

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The Size Of Your Podcast Studio

Size and scalability is something which should be considered early in any design and build project. Businesses looking at investing in an in-house podcast studio will have varying sizes of available space.

You might be refurbishing a 15mdisused storage room, which will require a clever ergonomic layout to ensure everything fits comfortably. This could mean designing with verticality in mind, to save space or specifying products that are compact or hidden.

Alternatively, you might be working with a space that’s 150mallowing you to think bigger, earlier. A wider space will not only be easier to navigate, but could offer more flexibility in acoustics and sound design.

No matter the size of your space, scalability should always be considered. As your podcast grows and your ROI increases, you’ll likely want your podcast studio to grow with your business’s needs. These elements will affect the final price of your project, so working with a design expert early will help keep costs down due to forward-thinking.

Branding Your Podcast Studio

These days, the look and feel of your podcast studio is just as important as the audio fidelity. A studio that’s built with design in mind will allow you to create a productive space that impresses guests and inspires employees.

With the growing trend of video podcasts the need for a space that looks the part is higher than ever. Next-level design features such as lighting, furniture and brand-identity will keep viewers engaged and connected to your company’s brand.

Working alongside a professional design and build company will ensure your studio can be stylised in line with your particular branding and messaging.

At this stage think bigger than just your viewing audience. A properly put together podcast studio will naturally attract more advertising and brand merchandising opportunities. This is key for businesses investing in commercial podcasting studios, as it will massively impact your ROI.

By keeping potential investors and viewers interested and maintaining high viewer loyalty, your business will encourage other brands to pursue advertising opportunities with your podcast. 

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Podcast Studio Equipment Costs

Whilst equipment is probably the first element that is considered by newcomers to podcasting, the costs of this equipment is often overlooked.

To design and build a commercial level podcast studio, cutting corners on A/V equipment is not an option. In order to produce top-tier podcast content that establishes your company brand and stands out from the crowded market, it’s crucial you invest in the right interfacing and audio equipment.

The tech that will be housed in your podcast studio should not be left as an afterthought, so Sound Zero always recommends seeking this advice at the beginning stages of the project. Acoustic treatments, microphones, mixers and computer hardware will all be required to create a functioning recording space.

To take it to the next level, consider how each element will interface with one another in the final build. Careful planning will allow for features like a 360o recording space or seamless switching between equipment setups for specific recording requirements.


Commercial Podcast Studio Design & Build Consultants

Sound Zero offers a complete design and build consultancy process for podcast and music production studios.

From conception to completion, you are supported by your Sound Zero technical consultant to bring your creative vision to life through a 5-step process including consultation, site visit, 3D modelling, manufacture and installation.

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