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Noisy classrooms are known to significantly impact children’s learning and creativity at school, especially for children with special educational needs. It’s crucial for school governors and architects to create an enhanced classroom, whether for a new building or refurbishment project, through the use of school acoustic design.

Improving poor classroom conditions, such as high reverberation times and inadequate soundproofing solutions, can give students and teachers a more comfortable and effective environment for learning and teaching.

In this post, we explore why eco-friendly acoustic treatments are the best option for your school project. Reassessing how we use materials, and improving recycling efforts, means we can deliver high levels of acoustic comfort, whilst being sustainable and considerate of our planet and its resources.

Sound Zero’s vast range of environmentally friendly acoustic panels and soundproofing materials are effective and create stunning, mood-boosting visuals that are sure to brighten everyone’s day.

PET eco tile & ceiling baffles

PET felt is recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate that began life as plastic bottles or single-use plastic. Reused into acoustic wall panels or ceiling baffles, the material is a lightweight, durable and an effective sound dampener. It is highly sound absorbent and designed to drastically improve reverberation time, enhancing the acoustic environment of your school’s classrooms.

It is also Class O fire-rated, meaning it is a go-to material for architects creating design-led acoustic solutions for schools.

PET Eco tiles with lights

Moss wall

Moss walls allow you to bring the outside in and incorporate an incredible biophilic design into your school buildings. They are long-lasting and maintenance-free, absorbing 90% of background noise.

Ideal for any classroom or hallway and a feature wall, moss walls are a natural and eco acoustic treatment. And children will be thrilled to know their classroom has REAL moss in it, made from stabilised Icelandic (reindeer) moss.

Moss Wall

Acoustic cork

Acoustic cork is an excellent sound absorber as well as a strong insulator. Water, fire and weather resistant, this acoustic material is great for schools.

Acoustic cork is also a sustainable option due to its low energy processing requirements and natural qualities. Sound Zero’s acoustic cork processing is 95% energy self-sufficient in its production.

Furthermore, as cork is derived from tree bark, it is incredibly sustainable because the trees never actually need to be chopped down, and the bark will grow back in a short amount of time.

GENCORK is 100% natural and 100% recyclable, while our CorkBee product is made from a recycled by-product from the wine industry while also recyclable at the end of its life.

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Acoustic foam

The building products industry generates millions of tonnes of waste every year. However, at Sound Zero, we champion the sustainable nature of our acoustic products, and always aim to reduce, reuse and recycle.

So much so we even own our in-house recycling facility.

In recycling foam and repurposing our waste products, we’re promoting a circular economy, and keeping our resources in use for as long as possible.

Waste foam is incredibly valuable. Offcuts can be re-used and reconstituted for a variety of different uses such as furniture, pillow filling, carpet underlay, and more.

We help other companies with recycling foam, too. As one of the only foam manufacturers to have an in-house recycling facility, Sound Zero and our sister brand, Cutfoam, welcome other local foam converters to distribute their waste, which allows us to recycle their foam products, too.

Conclusion: environmentally friendly acoustic solutions

If your school is looking to achieve an improved acoustic environment for your pupil’s learning and creativity, choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable acoustic solutions is the perfect option.

Our team is available to discuss your school acoustics needs to ensure you select the right product from our line. We have a range of products which can be completely customised to your colour, size, fabric, and other product requests.

Whether you need maximum noise reduction or slight adjustments to your classroom acoustics, we can help. We have helped countless schools and organisations improve their school acoustics over the years. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to go over our unique acoustic panels for schools that can help your students achieve better focus and attainment.

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