Discreet solutions for your office acoustics

Discreet acoustic panels in the boardroom

When it comes to office acoustics, one of the most common queries we have is, 

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How can I acoustically treat my office without making it look too much like a recording studio?”

This is a common misconception as not all acoustic treatment looks like the type that would be found in a studio environment, and there are reasons why studio acoustic treatment looks the way it does, something we will go into in further detail in a later blog post.  

There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps you’re happy with your open-plan office’s current design and feel that large foam paneling could disrupt your workplace Feng Shui.

Perhaps you operate on a more corporate level where profiled foam just wouldn’t be in keeping with the nature of your boardroom. 

At Sound Zero, we aim to help clients overcome these misconceptions by offering acoustic solutions that not only complement butcan even improve the look and sound of your office environment. 

Can noise control be discreet?

As a consultancy that prides itself on creativity and innovation, we believe that all acoustic solutions should complement and enhance all aspects of your work environment. 

Acoustic treatment can often be hidden in plain sight meaning it will go largely unnoticed and, in some cases, give the visual impression that no acoustic treatment has been applied at all. 

Many of our products are designed to blend right into your office design and thus provide a completely discreet, but effective solution. 

What discreet options do we recommend?

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Printed Wall Panel Pros

Our Printed Wall Panel Pros are covered by digitally printed fabric that produces large scale prints of stunning quality. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they are also astonishingly effective at reducing echo and reverberation in your office.  

Printed Wall Panel Pros in a boardroom
These clever Printed Wall Panel Pros function to help make speech clearer whilst showcasing the work of this architecture practice.

Users will mistake these acoustic panels for contemporary pieces of art, whilst discussing investments, obtaining stock quotes, and placing trades in their boardroom. 

Behind the fabric is the real star of the show – our unique perforated baffle system has been specially designed to increase the internal surface area of the absorptive material, thus increasing its reverberation reducing power in a condensed size.

Ceiling clouds

By applying acoustic treatment to the ceiling you effectively dampen unwanted reverberation and improve speech intelligibility without intruding on the physical space that office staff interact with. This keeps the acoustic system out of harm’s way and improves the lifespan of the product, all whilst vastly improving the focus of your team. 

Ceiling Clouds with a fabric wrap make a great sound absorber
Ceiling Clouds help treat one of the largest expansive areas in an open-plan office and will improve speech intelligibility

The ceiling panels can be wrapped in a number of acoustic fabric options and even be fitted with down or up lighting, the design possibilities are virtually endless. 

PET panels

PET acoustic panels are the perfect talking point for any environmentally considerate workplace. Made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean and landfill, these panels are a resourceful way of repurposing the once considered “single use” plastics found all over our planet.

Eco friendly PET ceiling baffles
PET recycled polyester acoustic baffles are the eco friendly choice when it comes to office acoustics

Fully customisable with a broad range of colours and patterns, these eco panels will certainly add a wow factor with the added benefit of improving the rooms ambience.  

Preserved plant feature walls

Acoustic treatment doesn’t have to be a man-made product, preserved plant walls offer incredible noise reduction and keep nature in the heart of the office environment.

Acoustic moss wall
Moss wall panels have a natural ability to absorb sound and make a great contribution to the well-being of office workers .

These plant walls require no maintenance or upkeep and are incredibly easy to install, making them a great alternative to synthetic materials.

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When people consider ‘discreet’solutions, we’re often led to assume that things need to be hidden away from view. 

Discreet acoustic solutions can also create a strong visual impact, ‘tricking’ people into thinking that an acoustic solution is just a part of traditional office design.

CorkBee tiles made from recycled wine bottle corks
CorkBee tiles can tessellate to create unique, eye-catching patterns that diffuse and absorb sound

This is certainly the case with our CorkBee range. Made from recycled wine bottle corks, these porous tiles are 100% sustainably sourced. CorkBee can be mounted in a variety of ways to create a dramatic and unique feature wall for your office environment.  


Discretion is not just about hiding unattractive acoustic panels. At Sound Zero, we create stunning acoustic solutions that are developed to improve the design of your office. 

We understand that people’s requirements differ, and if a discreet and subtle solution is more in-keeping with your company’s message, then we can work with you to create the acoustic solution that’s right for you.

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