Creating a Harmonious Workplace: Your Guide to Office Acoustics

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Office acoustics refers to the science and engineering of controlling, managing, and improving the sound environment within an office or workplace. It encompasses the study of how sound travels, bounces, and is absorbed within a space and its impact on the occupants. In a world where open-plan offices have become the norm and the number of remote workers is on the rise, the importance of office acoustics cannot be overstated.

An office with well-designed acoustics can enhance productivity, reduce stress, and improve overall employee satisfaction. On the other hand, poor office acoustics can lead to increased distractions, difficulty in concentrating, and increased stress levels. According to a study by Steelcase, employees lose an average of 86 minutes per day due to workplace noise distractions, which can significantly impact overall productivity.

What Causes Bad Office Acoustics?

Several factors can contribute to poor office acoustics, including:

1. Building Design and Materials

Office spaces without proper consideration to acoustics can result in sound reflecting off hard surfaces, leading to increased noise levels and echoes. Materials such as glass, concrete, and metal can exacerbate this issue.

2. Open-Plan Layouts

While open-plan offices can foster collaboration and communication, they can also create an environment where noise travels easily. Conversations, phone calls, and office equipment noise can quickly become overwhelming without proper acoustic design.

3. Insufficient Sound Absorption

A lack of sound-absorbing materials can result in excessive reverberation, making it difficult for employees to concentrate and communicate effectively. 

4. Inadequate Sound Masking

In some cases, offices may be too quiet, allowing for even the slightest noise to become a distraction. Sound masking systems can help by providing a consistent background noise that helps to cover up other sounds, making them less noticeable.

How to Improve Office Acoustics

There are several ways to address and improve office acoustics:

1. Assess the Current Situation

Before making any changes, it’s essential to assess the current state of your office acoustics. This can involve measuring noise levels, identifying problem areas, and evaluating the effectiveness of existing acoustic treatments.

2. Incorporate Sound-Absorbing Materials

Adding sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic panels, carpeting, or ceiling tiles, can help reduce reverberation and improve overall acoustics. These materials absorb sound energy, preventing it from bouncing off hard surfaces and creating echoes.

3. Create Designated Quiet Zones

Providing designated quiet areas or focus rooms can help employees escape from the noise when they need to concentrate on individual tasks. These spaces should have proper sound insulation and be located away from high-traffic areas.

4. Utilize Sound Masking Technology

Sound masking systems can help drown out distractions by providing consistent background noise, making it easier for employees to focus on their work. These systems can be professionally installed and calibrated to the specific needs of your office space.

5. Opt For Acoustically-Friendly Furniture

Some office furniture is designed with acoustics in mind, such as high-backed sofas or acoustic privacy screens that can help absorb and block sound.

6. Encourage Noise Awareness and Etiquette

Educating employees about the importance of office acoustics and promoting noise-conscious behaviours, such as using headphones, speaking softly, and turning off noisy devices when not in use, can go a long way in promoting a more acoustically-friendly environment.


Office acoustics play a critical role in employee productivity and satisfaction. By identifying the causes of poor acoustics and taking steps to address them, businesses can create a more comfortable, efficient, and productive workplace for their employees. By investing in office acoustics, businesses can improve their overall performance and employee well-being, making it a worthwhile endeavour for any organisation.

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