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Acoustically treating a converted warehouse office space with our discrete solutions

Many modern offices harness industrial design elements as a nod to the city’s manufacturing past. These environments typically contain contemporary glass partition walls and polished concrete floors to promote a minimalist, open feel in the workplace. Whilst this design ethos works visually, these hard surfaces can harbour a host of acoustical problems, which is detrimental to focus in the workspace.

Acoustically treating a converted warehouse office space with our discrete solutions

About Techspace

Techspace position themselves as thought-leaders in the world of workspaces, creating contemporary environments where workers can access the very best in tools and resources. With a total of five locations across London and one in Berlin, Techspace is passionate about creating productive workspaces for teams to benefit from.  

Harnessing industrial design

Techspace specified Sound Zero to apply an acoustic ceiling baffle system in two individual workspaces across their Luke Street and Scrutton Street locations.

Both rooms suffered from bad acoustics due to the industrial architectural design of the buildings, which included hard, reflective surfaces (such as glass partition walls) and concrete flooring throughout.

As you can imagine, with the human voice reverberating off hard surfaces, both environments suffered from a distracted workforce amongst those working in close proximity, as well as those working on the opposite side of the room.

Ceiling Baffles | Sound Zero Acoustics

Why specify ceiling baffles?

Large open ceiling spans are the perfect carrier for sounds. The long undisrupted space means sound wave energy is free to propagate throughout a room unhindered. The addition of a baffle system increases the number of obstructions and therefore removes the sound wave energy much faster than if it was left untreated.

By applying an acoustic ceiling solution to an open-plan office, you’re tackling the largest ‘problem area’ for a room in terms of acoustics. Ceiling baffles are a unique solution due to their relatively small coverage. They have been designed specifically to achieve maximum sound absorption whilst also being lightweight and easy to install.

The Results

Sound Zero’s discrete ceiling baffle system is highly effective at reducing the unwanted transmission of sound in a busy office space due to the large absorptive area these panels cover, having a drastic impact on the room’s T20 (reverberation time).

Not only does a quieter workplace promote focus, it also has significant mental health benefits for employees, and this was certainly the case for Techspace’s two locations.

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