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Acoustic wall panels | NHS

Improving speech audibility in a medical school’s busy waiting area.

When an NHS medical school contacted us to improve the acoustics of their busy waiting area, we were more than happy to oblige.

The medical school-which is located in Tooting, South London-is part of St George’s University, and provides formal training courses for doctors.

The acoustic issues that the medical school faced were:

  • Problems with echo in the main reception area
  • Large, hard surfaces that need absorption
  • Two opposing convex walls acting as diffusers, making noise travel down hallways
  • Receptionist duties being disrupted due to high conversation level and foot traffic noise

Managing Acoustic Misconceptions

Through initial consultation, we found that the client thought that acoustic foam wall application might be the only solution. However, a huge part of our ethos is based on educating the client.

The need for a hygienically aware environment (especially in a medical setting) is of utmost importance. Therefore, we explained that the client would benefit more from a solution that allowed them easy access for cleaning.

Acoustic Solutions For The Social Area

We felt that the best solution for the ‘social area’ would be the Wall Panel Pro, which is easily removable for cleaning purposes. Furthermore, the Wall Panel Pro is made from Camira fabric, which is a worldwide certified provider of fabrics for a range of healthcare facilities.

Acoustic Solutions For The Main Reception Area

The high-foot traffic in the main reception area meant that a space-saving initiative was required. To address this, we proposed suspending ceiling clouds to lift entrance areas, along with our acoustic panels, which were mounted to the walls.

NHS Waiting area | Improving acoustics

Adding A Splash Of Colour

Aesthetics are a big part of our process, and this includes providing colour options to meet the client’s requirements. The superior quality of the Camira fabric meant that our client was able to choose the colour option to suit them, safe in the knowledge that it won’t fade over time.

The University eventually settled on a neutral tone that complimented their décor that was currently in place.  

Acoustic wall panels | NHS


Our work with the NHS allowed us to experiment with the multi-frequency sound absorption that our ceiling clouds provide, whilst allowing for a space-saving solution.

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