Sound Zero x Sonos Experience Labs: A Modular Acoustic Marvel

Sonos Experience Labs acoustic design by Sound Zero
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We love a challenge at Sound Zero, and when Sonos approached us with a unique project, we couldn’t wait to dive in. Typically, a project such as this is focused on tight room control for sound reproduction, but this project demanded something different. Sonos, renowned for its high-quality smart speakers, needed an experiential laboratory to simulate diverse listening environments, pushing the boundaries of their latest loudspeakers. In this collaboration, we created a modular acoustic system that offered unmatched flexibility, allowing Sonos to explore a multitude of acoustic scenarios without altering the room layout.

Custom designed acoustic panels for Sonos

Designing for Versatility

Located in a converted old leather-making factory in South London, the room’s listed original features had to be carefully considered. To meet Sonos’ requirements, we developed a modular acoustic system based on interchangeable elements. The design comprised a rotating ceiling grid of acoustic panels, various wall panels, freestanding acoustic panels mounted on castors, and strategically placed bass traps.

Modular and User-Friendly

The heart of the challenge was to make the system user-friendly and hassle-free. We wanted it to be easily operable by anyone without prior training or active components. The acoustic panels were cleverly double-sided, featuring a hardwood laminate on one side for reflection and an absorptive or semi-absorptive layer on the other, making them ideal for simulating different acoustic environments.

Seamless Ceiling Integration

Achieving the same practicality for the floating ceiling configuration was our next feat. Our design and joinery team devised a rotating timber grid suspended under a Unistrut lattice. The panels rotated about a single pivot point, securely held in the 180-degree position by latching permanent magnets, eliminating the need for power assistance or mechanical latches. The result was a smooth, efficient, and non-invasive system that checked all the boxes.

Supreme Flexibility and Cohesive Space

With the modular system, Sonos could effortlessly transform the room’s acoustics to suit their testing needs. The interchangeable panels and elements allowed seamless transitions from reflection to absorption, maintaining a cohesive space for diverse experiments. The client was delighted with the results, and our collaboration with Sonos was a resounding success.

Sound Zero installation at Sonos Experience Labs


The Sound Zero x Sonos Experience Labs project exemplifies our dedication to pushing boundaries and designing innovative acoustic solutions. The modular acoustic system provided Sonos the flexibility they sought, ensuring optimal testing conditions for their industry-leading smart speakers. If you’re seeking cutting-edge acoustic designs tailored to your unique requirements, Sound Zero is your ideal partner in creating extraordinary audio experiences.

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