Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

A great British landmark approached Sound Zero to improve the visitor experience through the power of acoustics!

Many case studies have been assembled in recent years that prove an areas acoustic properties directly correlate with visitor comfort. A noisy environment can spell disaster for establishments like galleries and museums where visitors expect to be able to encapsulate themselves in exhibits, study and focus. That is why at Sound Zero we research the best possible materials and acoustic solutions for such jobs so our clients can come to us and depend on our knowledge to ensure they are receiving the best product for the job.

When we were approached by the Natural History Museum we sent a team of our acoustics specialists out to survey the site and meet with the project managers and discuss a material that would provide an effective solution to the acoustic problem and meet the strict specification required on a job of such high profile.

We decided, Class ‘0’ would be the perfect material for the job.

Natural History Museum class 'o' sound proofing

Class ‘0’ is an incredibly versatile sound proofing material that we offer as part of our industrial noise control products, it is not only more effective than traditional acoustic materials when it comes to sound absorption but also exceeds current building standard regulations for fire safety and the prevention of bacterial growth.

Unlike traditional mineral fiber based sound insulation Class ‘0’ is easy to install and can be applied directly to exposed surfaces because it doesn’t break down or drop loose fibers, making it ideal for large open ceiling spaces and more cost effective because it doesn’t have to be sealed in to finish a job, it is simply stuck to a surface and is safe to leave exposed, we can even cut custom profiles into the Class ‘0’ acoustic foam to create a truly unique noise control solution.

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