Modus Office Pods by Sound Zero

Modus design and build incredible office spaces for a wide variety of clients in a broad range of industries, their spaces are all outfitted to a high standard that has to be repeated on a large scale in the busiest cities in the UK.

Modus approached Sound Zero with the task of creating hard wearing acoustic panels that would be used in their conference rooms and private work booths, the panels would have to function as an effective acoustic barrier between the rooms and the busy open plan office outside.

The biggest task was to create an acoustic foam that was uniform in style and finish to maintain the Modus brand of exemplary style and fitment, a simple task you may think but when you are working with a soft material, slight deviations in texture over a large project make a huge impact on the overall design. Which is why at Sound Zero we qualify our raw materials at the source using only the best pieces with a slim tolerance in colour deviation and material texture which ensures a quality product from start to finish.

Acoustic foam can be tricky to install if you are not familiar with the material, which is why we offer an installation service, with our team of technicians who are trained at our facility to ensure an installation runs smoothly and looks great. Modus has opted to use our acoustic foam install team time and time again because they know they can depend on Sound Zero to be professional, clean and tidy.

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