Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound Sound Zero soundproofing

When you’re the UK’s most prestigious nightclub and you have a problem with  acoustics who do you call? Sound Zero of course!

We specialise in nightclub/venue soundproofing and noise control systems.

Nightclubs and other high SPL environments such as live music venues require a heavy duty approach to soundproofing which is where our in house manufacturing and extensive product knowledge gives us the power to upscale an entire project.

Ministry of Sound Sound Zero soundproofing

Profiles get larger and deeper to capture all of the high frequency sound being projected from the high power sound systems and the foam gets heavier to cope with the enormous levels of bass created by the massive subwoofer systems in situ.

The VIP lounge at Ministry Of Sound is a space reserved for exclusive clients, located in the back of the club in its own enclosed space free from the disturbance of the other club goers which is why it is crucial that it is properly acoustically treated. VIP members want to enjoy the energy of the music going on in the club but want to be in an environment that allows them to relax and enjoy each-others conversation.

Our acoustic specialists surveyed the site and met with the club owners to find a noise control solution that would deliver great aesthetics combined with incredible acoustic performance.

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