Mastering aesthetics and acoustics: bespoke Basotect acoustic solution for COCO Lighting’s boardroom

COCO Lighting Sound Zero bespoke acoustic solution

Sound Zero creates stunning Basotect acoustic solution in the form of an art installation for COCO Lighting’s boardroom


When a prestigious lighting design studio, COCO Lighting, approached Sound Zero to tackle their boardroom acoustic issues, we were thrilled to take on such a unique and exciting project. Our mission was to create an elegant and efficient acoustic solution utilising the unique properties of Basotect melamine acoustic foam that would enhance the boardroom’s open-ceiling mezzanine design while maintaining the building’s contemporary aesthetic.

COC Lighting's boardroom overlooking the office below

Situated within a refurbished 1930s power station, the office boasts a modern open-plan layout, a mezzanine floor where the boardroom is located (pictured), and additional expansive open-plan office space on the lower level.

Due to the boardroom’s position over the office’s open expanse, every conversation, presentation, and meeting held in the boardroom was being overheard by staff members on the floor below, causing disruption and compromising confidentiality.

Addressing the acoustic concerns, we devised a system of lightweight Basotect Melamine foam tubes suspended from tailor-made Unistrut frames that were powder coated to match the original green of the power station.

Seamless coordination and flawless execution:

We were mindful of the building’s age and the need to limit the weight of the solution, so we carefully designed the frames to be both sturdy and lightweight. This innovative approach allowed us to enhance the acoustics while adhering to the client’s requirement of maintaining the space’s stylish appearance.

The installation process demanded close coordination with the COCO Lighting team, who were themselves working on installing newly designed light fixtures in the meeting room. By synchronising our efforts, we minimised disruptions to the office’s daily operations.

Moreover, we had to consider the considerable ceiling height, which added an extra layer of complexity to the project. Despite these challenges, our team successfully executed the installation with precision and professionalism.

Sound Zero's artistic Basotect acoustic solution for COCO Lighting

Incorporating brand identity:

To infuse a touch of vibrancy into the installation, we incorporated Basotect foam tubes, colour coated in the client’s brand colour. This thoughtful detail not only elevated the aesthetics but also reinforced the company’s brand identity. In addition, the completed project harmoniously combined our Basotect acoustic solution with COCO’s lighting fixtures, maintaining a cohesive circular motif throughout the meeting room.

Light and colour

The result was a stunning visual display that integrated both light and colour while significantly improving the meeting room’s acoustics. Our bespoke Basotect acoustic solution not only met the client’s expectations but also demonstrated how Sound Zero can transform an office space by merging form and function.

View of the Basotect acoustic solution by Sound Zero from below

By partnering with Sound Zero, clients can benefit from our extensive experience and innovative approach to office acoustic design. We understand the importance of creating workspaces that are not only functional but also inspiring and visually appealing. Our commitment to delivering customised acoustic solutions ensures that every project we undertake is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Our work with COCO Lighting highlights the value of combining aesthetics and acoustics in the modern workspace. By addressing the boardroom’s acoustic challenges with an innovative and visually appealing acoustic solution, we helped create a more comfortable and productive work environment for the client and their team.

Sound Zero's Basotect acoustic solution seamlessly integrates with COCO Lightings own light fixtures


Transform any environment with Sound Zero’s innovative acoustic solutions, expertly blending form and function for a truly remarkable workspace experience.

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