Castrol Magnatec: Anechoic Chamber

Castrol Magnatec

The Sound of Silence

Our acoustics division collaborated in the design and construction of an anechoic chamber for the automotive industry. We are specialists in our manufacturing process and pride ourselves in providing accurate acoustic solutions for all applications with fast and reliable turnaround times regardless of the job size.

Crisp and clean.

Our manufacturing process includes a strict quality control phase which ensures all of our acoustic products look and feel like the premium product they are when they leave our facility and are installed at their final destination.

Castrol green

Finishing touches.

We can finish our acoustic products with our unique coating process. This enables us to offer over 100 different colour options in a coating that is acoustically transparent and durable

Analogue meets high tech.

Here at Sound Zero we regularly implement digital design into our product development. This incredibly efficient and accurate process enables us to meet with clients and present a concept without any wasted materials or manufacturing time, saving the clients money and time over the duration of a projects development.

This model is from our Castrol Magnatec collaboration where we designed a bespoke acoustic profile for their anechoic chamber.


Here at Sound Zero there is no order limit. We manufacture in house to any scale and to suit strict deadlines.

Trust us with your industrial project and see how we can maximise your project timescale!

Photographed here is our enormous anechoic chamber that we designed and manufactured in partnership with Castrol magnatec. The chamber had to be custom made by our team of technicians, shipped and installed on time and without a hitch.

High tech.

Automation means we can achieve short production times even with large scale orders.

We combine cutting edge automated machine processing with the craftsmanship of our skilled technicians to ensure our product is accurate and finished to a superior standard. To find out how we can make your world a little quieter

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